Workshop on the Thames

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Great Britain. London. Westminster at night. Steamers in the port. The crane is working. The woman is having breakfast, the man is drinking beer. Sailors in the boat. People go to work. Workshop work. Design department. Work at a car factory. New cars. Covent Garden Wholesale Market. Nuns. Guardsman. Changing of the Guard. Youth on Trafalgar. A bus, a truck is passing through the streets. Road works. Musicians are playing on the street. Library of the Royal Scientific Society. Men read. A man hung with advertisements on the street. The woman is a police officer. Street circus performers. Representation. Passers-by are watching. Public dining room. Parliament. Demonstration. The boy sells newspapers. The Daily Miror newspaper building. Office of the editor-in-chief of the Morning Star newspaper. Editorial staff are drinking tea. Marks house. Ships in the port. Port workers strike. Representatives of the strike committee. Strikers with placards. Father and son climb the stairs. Family in the room. Evening Thames. London street at night. Advertising lights. Loading newspapers into the car. Work in the typography. Bar. Visitors. The singer is singing. The accordionist is playing.
A. Koloshin
Film ID
urban transport
, industry
, sea transport
, public catering
, printing
, everyday life
, printing industry
, libraries
, strikes
, cities
, advertising
, trade
, a family
Number of Parts
A. Koloshin
Other Creators
Screenplay A. Gastev, A. Koloshin
Release Date
Has Sound

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