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The film tells about the IV All-Union Congress of USSR Writers. The building of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Participants of the IV Congress of Writers are passing by. Among them: Ch. Aitmatov, L. Kassil, R. Gamzatov, L. Leonov, M. Sholokhov, A. Tvardovsky, K. Fedin, O. Gonchar, P. Brovka, I. Abashidze, A. Surkov, A. Zegers , B. Polevoy, K. Almanov. Lobby of the Congress. Chronicle: I Congress of Writers. AM Gorky speaking. Guests of the congress A. Segers (Germany), K. Kodzias (Greece), P. Neruda (Chile), Ch. Snow (England), A. Lundqvist (Sweden). Members of the government on the podium: Leonid Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, AN Kosygin and others. Speakers: K. Fedin (synchronously), PN Demichev (synchronously), G. Markov (synchronously), M. Dudin, A. Salynsky, S. Mikhalkov. R. Gamzatov gives an autograph. Interview V. Aksenov, Ch. Aitmatov (synchronously). On the podium A. Chakovsky (synchronously), L. Novichenko, K. Voronkov, L. Sobolev, A. Surkov, N. Gribachev, M. Sholokhov (synchronously). Foreign guests speaking: J. Ivashkevich (Poland), K. Chander (India), A. Laguma (South Africa), G. Dzhagarov (Bulgaria), I. Darvas (Hungary), R. Kent (USA), M. Laria (Finland), P. Neruda (Chile), K. Kodzias (Chile), Fan Ty (South Vietnam), Fan Ty present the banner of the national front of writers. Participants of the congress pass through the Alexander Garden, near the Eternal Flame. Delegates in the congress hall. Speaker N. Tikhonov (synchronously), N. V. Podgorny. NV Podgorny awards the Union of Writers with the Order of Lenin. Speakers K. Fedin, B. Polevoy.
Z. Fomina
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G. Zakharova, G. Serov, I. Filatov, B. Sher
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