XX Century Film Program Chronicle of a Troubled Time On the Question of Secret Protocols Trilogy Movie 1 - Sheep March

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The film was shot with the participation of Zap. Berlin, USA, Japan, Austria 1-5h. The international situation in Europe by the beginning of World War II, the politics of England, France, the USSR, Japan and other countries in the 30s. (the signing of the Munich Treaty, the 1st Dachau concentration camp, the residence of Hitler in Berchtesgaden, the creation of the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis, the military operations of the Japanese troops, the transition of German troops across the Polish border; the maneuvers of the Soviet troops, repression in the Red Army, the policy of K. Voroshilov, Stalin's personality cult). Interviews with witnesses and participants in the events on the eve of the war - scientists, writers, journalists, sociologists, etc. 6-9h. War of the USSR in Mongolia (Lake Khasan). Anschluss of Austria. Elections to the USSR Armed Forces. Repression of the military, people's commissars. All-Union census of 1939 in the USSR. Pre-war life of the Soviet people. Soloist of the Bolshoi Theater A.V. Nezhdanova, head of the Central Puppet Theater S.V. Samples in the reading room of the Central House of Arts. Interview - participants and witnesses of those events. General annotation of all three films. The polemics of prominent scientists, politicians, historians, philosophers, military theorists, participants and eyewitnesses of those years, both the USSR (Yakovlev, Volkogonov, Brazauskas, Medvedev, Sheinis, Pavlenko, etc.), and other countries (Erickson, Howard, Churchill Jr. (England), Salisbury, Nekrich (USA), Heizer, Nolte, Schulze, Aunsiedel (FRG), Jaruzelski (Poland), etc. What led to the outbreak of World War II? What are the reasons for the failure in Europe to create an anti-Hitler coalition? How would the development of world history go without Stalin's non-aggression pact with Hitler? Who is to blame for the deaths of 50 million people?
V. Lisakovich
Film ID
2nd world war
Number of Parts
A. Berkovich, A. Kulidzhanov, E. Timlin
Other Creators
scriptwriters G. Borovik, L. Kulidzhanov, V. Ignatenko, V. Kuznetsov, K. Slavin
Release Date
Has Sound

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