XX Century Film Program Chronicle of a Troubled Time While I Breathe I Hope

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A film about the rapid development of world medicine in the 20th century. Physician psychotherapist A. Kashpirovsky on stage, speaks (behind the scenes). Spectators in the hall at the session of A. Kashpirovsky. Fragments from the feature film "Feast of St. Jorgen", starring I. Ilyinsky, A. Ktorov. Photos by Z. Freud. The apartment where Z. Freud lived. Interviews with people on the street about Z. Freud. Newsreel IP Palov during experiments with animals; plays in small towns. American doctor Edelman and German doctor Koch talk about AIDS problems. Interviews on the streets of the city about AIDS with young people, poet A. Voznesensky, prostitutes, homosexuals. USA. A boy infected with AIDS at school in the classroom. Patients infected with AIDS in the hospital. Newsreel. Session of the UN Assembly. NASA scientists are designing a spacesuit for a boy born with immunodeficiency. Boy Davy in a spacesuit with doctors, walking, playing ball, with his mother. American Dr. Barnard with colleagues, patients. Doctors in the operating room with a victim in a car accident. The victim's heart is immersed in a cylinder. Types of Chernobyl. Destroyed reactor. Workers in the city of Chernobyl, helicopters over the nuclear power plant. Sick children from the city of Chernobyl. Pilot A. Grishchenko undergoing treatment in Seattle (USA). Pilot G. Karapetyan speaks about A. Grishchenko (behind the scenes). A member of the Presidential Council Y. Osepyan visits A. Grishchenko in the hospital, presents a visiting card to Mikhail Gorbachev. The TV announcer announces the death of A. Grishchenko. American flag lowered. Americans say goodbye to A. Grishchenko. USA. Organization "Alkor". Interviews with people who have expressed a desire to be frozen in the event of a serious illness. Cylinders with frozen people at minus 196 degrees. Doctors are preparing for the freezing operation. The operation is in progress.
B. Zagryazhsky
Film ID
, health care
, medical non-traditional
, ecological disasters
, media
, biology
Number of Parts
A. Berkovich
Other Creators
Program manager V. Lisakovich, sound V. Nabatnikov, E. Orekhov
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