XX Century Parity

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The film tells about the creation of an atomic bomb in 3 countries - Nazi Germany, the USA and the USSR. The film uses the following newsreel: the meeting of Soviet and American soldiers on the Elbe River in 1945, the capture of Berlin by Soviet troops, a conference in San Francisco on April 25, 1945, a meeting at the airport of the Soviet delegation headed by V.M. Molotov ; Academician GN Flerov talks about the creation of the atomic bomb, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rabi talks about the creation of the American atomic bomb (synchronously), the "atomic house" in Japan; The Otto Hahn Institute in Berlin; attack aircraft on the streets of Berlin (1930s), A. Einstein, M. Dietrich on the deck of a steamer; meetings of the Prussian Academy of Sciences; Scientific Council at the Leningrad Institute of Physics and Technology; parade of Nazi troops in Prague; street views in one of the US cities; US President F. Roosevelt during a yacht trip; Italian physicist Fermi at work in the laboratory; the view of the public walking around Moscow; physicists GN Flerov and Petrzhak at work in the laboratory of the Physics and Technology Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, mobilization to the front in the Soviet Union; view of Copenhagen; Niels Bohr Institute; interview with the German scientist KF Weizsacker (synchronously). Meeting of the Japanese Ambassador to Berlin, Weizsäcker Sr. in the 1940s. Japanese soldiers are marching. Japanese aircraft bombing Pearl Harbor. General view of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. Meeting of W. Churchill and F. Roosevelt in Quebec; General view of factories in Oak Ridge (USA). Newsreel: Leningrad blockade; evacuation of Leningrad children; funeral of I. V. Kurchatov; Battle of Stalingrad; the American landing in Normandy in 1944; the uprising in Paris in 1944; the Los Alamos nuclear bomb test in the United States; R. Oppenheimer and Grove at the bomb; Yalta conference in 1945; the visit of the US Ambassador to the USSR A. Harriman of the flight base in Poltava; views of Berlin in 1945 after the capture of it by Soviet troops; reception of the USSR mission to the UN; the signing in Karlshorst of the act of unconditional surrender of Germany; celebration of the victory in the Second World War in Moscow, London, Paris, New York, Berlin; the American cruiser Indianopolis is sailing to the island of Tinian; Japanese kamikazes train on simulators, sing, drink sake, smoke before the flight, say goodbye, run to the planes, get on the planes, take off; the guns of the cruiser Indianapolis are hitting, downed planes are falling; the arrival of US President H. Truman in Potsdam; conference in Potsdam; the arrival of the USSR Ambassador to Japan to present the Notice of Declaration of War a sports parade on Red Square; the bombing of the city of Hiroshima, Nagasaki; the arrest of the Rosenberg spouses in the United States on charges of espionage for the USSR.
L. Kulidzhanov, D. Barshchevsky
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, physics
, industry
, air force
, international connections
, political connections
, navy
, international organizations
, diplomatic relations
, cities
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A. Kulidzhanov
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