XX Century Retribution Movie 2

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Concentration camp prisoners near the city of Minsk. Territory, barracks of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Victims of concentration camps. Meetings of B. Mussolini and A. Hitler. The entry of German troops into Italy. The destroyed city of Smolensk. Moscow Conference of Foreign Ministers of the USSR, USA and England (October 1943). VM Molotov, A. Eden and K. Hell during negotiations. J. V. Stalin, W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt, V. M. Molotov, K. E. Voroshilov at the Tehran Conference. W. Churchill hands over to JV Stalin a sword for the workers of Stalingrad (1943). Fighting of the Red Army troops in the Korsun-Shevchenko operation (winter 1944), the offensive in Belarus, the Baltic states. The entry of the Red Army troops into the liberated cities: Lvov, Vilnius, Tallinn. The landing of the allied forces in Northern France. The entry of the Red Army troops into Europe. Liberation of Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia. French Resistance fighters led by de Gaulle are walking along the streets of the city of Paris. Fights for the city of Berlin. Ceremony of signing the Act of Unconditional Surrender of Germany. The ceremony of signing the Japan Surrender Act aboard the US cruiser Missouri. (September 2, 1945). Convoy of German prisoners of war along the streets of Moscow (July 17, 1944). Yalta (February 1945), Potsdam (July 1945) Conferences of Heads of State: USA, USSR, Great Britain. Present: J. Stalin, W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt, G. Truman and others. Meeting of the conference in San Francisco (USA); among the members of the Soviet delegation - A. A. Gromyko (April - June 1945). The meeting room of the Nuremberg Tribunal; in the dock - the main German war criminals: G. Goering, V. Keitel, A. Jodl and others. Speech by US Chief Prosecutor Jackson.
L. Kulidzhanov, Yu. Alaverdov
Film ID
places of detention
, the second world war
, international court
, destruction
, political connections
, military unions
Number of Parts
Dm. Barshchevsky, A. Kulidzhanov, V. Berger, N. Zhutnik
Other Creators
There is no data
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