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Part 1 The crowd throws up their hands in a fascist greeting. August 1944, "People's Tribunal" over the adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Adam von Trott zu Solz, a participant in the "Conspiracy of Generals" against A. Hitler on July 20, 1944. Prosecutor Roland Freisler is chairing the meeting. The conspiracy participant, German politician Karl Friedrich Goerdeler, speaks at the trial, in the background are German officers in the courtroom. Part 2 of 1939-1941, the inhabitants of Germany throw up their hands in a fascist greeting. Reich Chancellor of Germany A. Hitler in an open car drives along the street of one of the cities, accompanied by officers (among them - Chief of Staff of the High Command of the Wehrmacht V. Keitel) passes along the house, shakes hands with the officers, passes with the Reichsmarshal of Germany G. Goering. Reich Minister of Education and Propaganda of Germany J. Goebbels welcomes A. Hitler, talks with the head of the party office of the NSDAP M. Bormann, SS Reichsfuehrer G. Himmler and other Wehrmacht officers. There is a group of generals (G. Himmler, J. Blaskowitz and others). G. Himmler speaks from the rostrum. One of the cities of the USSR, houses destroyed after the bombing. German planes in the sky. A knocked-out German plane falls to the ground, explosion. Belarus, end of June 1941, G. Himmler checks the ears in a wheat field. June 30, 1941; Grodno, G. Himmler is walking down the street, talking on the street with German officers, visiting the camp of Soviet prisoners of war with an inspection. ... Eastern Europe, 1941-1944, shooting of arrested Jews by a Wehrmacht unit. December 1941, Volokolamsk after liberation by the Red Army. Germany, August 1944, session of the "People's Tribunal", prosecutor R. Freisler speaks. Defendants Wehrmacht officer Ulrich Wilhelm Schwerin von Schwanenfeld, head of the general police of Berlin Wolf-Heinrich von Helldorf answer the prosecutor's questions. Part 3 Session of the "People's Tribunal", prosecutor R. Freisler announces the verdict. USSR, [winter 1941], Hitler's motorcyclists ride on a snow-covered field. Mid-November 1941 or on March 13, 1943, Smolensk, A. Hitler, accompanied by officers, gets out of an open car; A. Hitler gets into a military plane, looks out the window in the cabin. German planes in the sky. G. Berlin, 1941-1943, A. Hitler shakes hands with the generals of the Wehrmacht at the Reichstag building. [1943-43], General of artillery Walter von Seydlitz speaks, those present in the hall applaud. German soldiers in battle, explosions, tanks on the field. Broken German military equipment, corpses. A German tank is on fire. The gunners are loading a gun, a shot. Germany, 1941-1944, young drummers hitting drums. A. Hitler addresses the youth at the stadium, the crowd greets him. 4 part September 7-8, 1944, session of the "People's Tribunal", prosecutor R. Freisler addresses the defendants. The defendants lawyer Joseph Wirmer, General of the infantry Friedrich Olbricht, German diplomat Ulrich von Hassel, Field Marshal Georg von Witzleben answer the questions of the prosecutor. General view of the courtroom during the session. Panorama of the members of the "People's Tribunal". Politician Anton Eugen Bolz stands before the People's Tribunal. Part 5 Session of the "People's Tribunal". The defendants [Dabucinsky], the chief of the Berlin police, General Wolf Heinrich von Gelldorf, answer the questions, the judge R. Freisler interrupts them, shouts. General view of the hall during the session of the tribunal. September 1937, A. Hitler with the generals of the Wehrmacht on the platform of the station meets the train with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy Benito Mussolini. A. Hitler escorts B. Mussolini to the platform of the station. B. Mussolini from the window of the train waves to those seeing them off. A. Hitler with G. Himmler and German officers walking along a forest road. Ulm, October 18, 1944, solemn funeral of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Field Marshal Gerd von Rundenstedt delivers his funeral speech. Part 6 August 1944, meeting of the "People's Tribunal", accused politician Michael Graf von Matushka, Wehrmacht officers Hans-Jürgen and Roland von Höslin, Count von Blumenthal, politician Julius Leber answer questions. Judge R. Freisler shouts, asks questions. .Moscow, July 1944, captured German soldiers stand in the square; Red Army soldiers are taking prisoners of the Germans through the city. Muscovites look at the captured Germans from the sidewalks. 1941-1943, captured Red Army soldiers walk across the field. 7 part August - October 1944, meeting of the "People's Tribunal". Judge R. Freisler asks the defendant Colonel Joachim Zadrocinski questions. R. Freisler calls the next defendant, shouts at him, reads out the verdict to the accused. A panorama of Berlin destroyed after the bombing. 8 part Warsaw, April-May 1945, refugees return home on horse-drawn carriages, street children sit on the sidewalk. Beggars beg for alms. Emaciated children sit on bags in the basement. German planes in the sky. Explosions on the ground. Houses are crumbling. German soldiers build a pontoon bridge across the river, explosions. Tanks go through the fire. G. Paris, July 14, 1940, German soldiers are solemnly marching at the Arc de Triomphe, through the city. Germany, late 1930s - early 1940s, A. Hitler presents awards to Wehrmacht officers, drives along the street in an open car, greets the crowd from the balcony of the building, the police hold back the cheering crowd. August 1944, meeting of the "People's Tribunal", the guards lead the defendants into the hall. Judge R. Freisler asks the defendants questions. Part 9 August - October 1944, meeting of the “People's Tribunal. Judge R. Freisler addresses the defendant diplomat Christian August Ulrich von Hassel, shouts. G. Berlin, Alexander Platz, Wehrmacht soldiers are preparing for the parade. Taking the oath of allegiance by soldiers of the Wehrmacht in the square. A. Hitler speaks to the soldiers, takes the parade. Passage of military equipment at the Brandenburg Gate. Fragments from various speeches of A. Hitler. May 3 - 9, 1938, A. Hitler's visit to Italy, a solemn meeting. September 1937, A. Hitler receives members of the Italian delegation. The Germans in the streets welcomed the Italian delegation, waving flags with a swastika. A. Hitler takes B. Mussolini in his office. The Germans on the street welcomed passing Wehrmacht soldiers. German soldiers are fighting on the streets of one of the European cities. 1939-1941, Warsaw, a German patrol checks the documents of Jews on the street. Part 10 August 8, 1944, session of the "People's Tribunal", the accused, the commandant of Berlin Paul Emmanuel von Hase, an employee of the Abwehr lawyer Josef Müller answer the questions of the prosecutor R. Freisler. General view of the hall. Judges, people's assessors and those present at the trial stand up, R. Freisler announces the verdict.
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the second world war
, court
, prosecutors office
, agitation
, armed forces
, political propaganda
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