XXIV Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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Moscow. The streets of the town. Kremlin. Palace of Congresses. Registration of delegates to the XXIV Congress of the USSR Communist Party. Sheremetyevsky airfield. Arrival of the guests of the congress - representatives of the communist, national-democratic and left-wing socialist parties: Le Duan, G. Winston, OD Torrado, J. Kadar, G. Husak, Y. Tsedenbal, T. Zhivkov, V. Ulbricht. Lobby of the Congress. NV Podgorny opens the congress, speaks (synchronously). Speech by Leonid I. Brezhnev (synchronously), N. F. Sizov, V. V. Grishin (synchronously), P. E. Shelest, D. A. Kunaev, G. V. Romanov, P. M. Masherov, Sh R. Rashidova, V. P. Mzhavanadze, Le Zuana (Vietnam), V. Ulbricht (Germany), E. Gereka (Poland). A visit by the Polish delegation to the Space pavilion at VDNKh. The French delegation led by J. Marchais at the Paris Commune factory. Continuation of the work of the congress. Speakers: Dolgikh, G. A. Aliev, M. V. Keldysh, A. E. Kochinyan, Berlinguer (Italy), G. Husak (Czechoslovakia), J. Kadar (Hungary). J. Kadar's visit to Star City. Town Museum. A. Nikolaev and G. Titov talk with the guests. Meeting room of the Congress. The pioneers greet the delegates. Welcoming remarks are made by A. E. Voss (Latvia), I. T. Kazanets, N. Ceausescu (Romania), I. V. Kapitonov, J. Snechkus (Lithuania), A. A. Grechko, I. Bodul ( Moldova), Y. Tsedenbal (Mongolia), Nguyen Van Hieu (South Vietnam), Kim Ger (Korea), M. Todorovich (Yugoslavia), I. Kabii (Estonia), E. M. Tyazhelnikov, L. Corvalan (Chile) , Gas Hall (USA), Ch. R. Rao (India), M. A. Sholokhov, V. Konotop, D. Rasulov, A. A. Gromyko, K. Fomvihan (Daos), R. Arismendi (Uruguay), A. Saarinei (Finland), R. Gioldi (Argentina). On behalf of the delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the congress welcomes Savochkin. Soldiers of the Soviet Army are standing. Speakers: M. Reiman (Germany), H. Bieira (Colombia), D. Kollai (Great Britain), H. Farna (Venezuela), M. O'Riordan (Ireland), W. Chestnut (Canada), C. -E ... Ndallah (Congolese), H. Boglash (Syria). Guests laying wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum. The following speakers spoke in the debate: F. Tabeev, Kulichenko, Degtyarev, A. Chakovsky, Lomakin. A. Matskevia. Leonid Brezhnev is making a closing remarks (synchronously). Delegates vote. AN Kosygin made a draft of directives for the five-year plan (synchronously). A. N. Kosygin's report was discussed by: V. Shcherbitsky (synchronously), D. Shibaev, P. Neporozhny, V. Prokhorov, P. Borodin, K. Gerasimov, foreign guests. The delegates are singing "Internationale".
I. Venzher
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international communist movement
, communist party
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