XXVI Congress of the CPSU Materials on Special Issues

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cor. 1. General plans of the Kremlin, Red Square, the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. cor. 2. Session 1 - morning session. cor. 3. Session 1 - in the morning. cor. 4, box. 5, box. 6. Speech by Leonid Brezhnev with a summary report. cor. 7, box. 8. Session 1 in the evening. cor. 9. Session 2 - morning session. cor. 10, box. 11. Session 3 - morning. cor. 12. Session 3 - in the evening. cor. 13. The 1st Secretary of the Tatar Regional Committee of the CPSU R.M. Musin.cor. 14 Session 4 - evening. cor. 15. Session 5 - morning. cor. 16, box 17. Session 6 - morning. cor. 18, box. 19. Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the closing of the congress. cor. 20. Delegates sing the Internationale. cor. 21, box. 22. Delegates talk on the sidelines. cor. 23. Representatives of the press in the hall of the press center are processing information. cor. 24. Meeting of the party activists of Moscow with foreign delegations in the House of Unions; among the participants - Hero of Socialist Labor, grinder of the 1st State Bearing Plant N.M. Motova.cor. 25. Meeting and excursion of delegations of foreign communist parties.
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