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Landscapes of Africa. Sea, flat. Jungle. Camel caravan in the desert. Crocodiles, lions, elephants. Sculptures of an ancient temple in the Nile Valley. Newsreel footage: loading and unloading operations in one of the ports, plantations owned by foreign colonialists, picking pineapples, peanuts, orange trees, coconut trees; Africans work in logging quarries. Newsreel footage dedicated to the events of the Italo-Ethiopian war of 1935-1936: the village is burning, the fighting of the Armed Forces of Ethiopia, Soviet operators are shooting, the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I, the building of the League of Nations, M. Litvinov is speaking. Military operations in Africa during the Second World War. Newsreel footage. Egypt. 1950s. Aggression by France, Great Britain. Ruined city of Port Said. Homeless residents, funerals of those killed, destroyed buildings. Protest rally in Moscow. Ships in the Suez Canal. Soviet and Egyptian pilots at work. Algeria Newsreels on the 1954-1962 National Liberation War. Celebrating Independence Day. The people greet President Ahmed Ben Bell. Celebrating Independence Day in one of the African countries. Egypt (UAR). Construction of the Aswan Dam and other industrial facilities with the help of the USSR. The Bakr vessel built in the Soviet Union at sea. Ethiopia. Conference of heads of independent African states in Addis Ababa. City of Addis Ababa. Soviet hospital. Opening of a technical school. Emperor Haile Selassie I is present. Soviet teachers teach school students. Guinea. City of Conakry. Unloading of Soviet ships. Construction of the Polytechnic Institute. A visit to the construction site by A. I. Mikoyan. Mali. City of Bamako. President of Mali Mobido Keita, the people welcomed the president, a member of the Soviet delegation presents Keita with a diploma and a medal of the Lenin Prize laureate "For Strengthening Peace Among Nations." Stadium construction. Malians study at a technical school. Aerodrome. A Soviet instructor trains a Malian pilot. Geological expedition. Ghana. Development of virgin lands. Fishermen at sea on a Soviet seiner. Accra city. Leonid Brezhnev's visit. Leonid Brezhnev in the port. Members of the Liberian delegation at one of the plants in Leningrad. Sudan. Loading of Soviet ships in the port. Soviet industrial exhibitions in Morocco (Casablanca), Libya (Tripoli), Guinea (Conakry). Tour of the dance ensemble I. Moiseyev in Cairo. Tour of the dance group of Ghana in Moscow. Moscow city. Students from African countries in the classroom at the Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow State University. Life of students. Students are playing snowballs. Angolan students talk to King Hassan. Kenya. President J. Kenyaba talks to people. South Africa. Landscapes. Demonstration of protest against the racist regime in one of the countries. The police disperse the demonstrators.
L. Danilov
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scientific connections
, cultural connections
, architecture
, revolutionary and socio-political movement
, vegetable world
, plant growing
, medical services for the population
, energy
, state holidays
, animal world
, sea transport
, cartage
, international organizations
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, cinematography
, economic communications
, industry
, political connections
, cities
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