You Will Walk the Land Alive

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The film was made by order of the administration of the Kirov region and the city of Kirov. Chronicle footage of the Second World War: a German plane in the sky, bombs are falling, German military vehicles, motorcyclists are passing by, German soldiers are marching in formation, children at a burned house, at the corpse of a murdered mother, killed civilians, production of uniforms for the Soviet army on sewing and shoe factories, the production of shells, the assembly of tanks, children work at the machines, the movement of Soviet tanks, the wounded, the evacuation hospital, the hostilities of the Soviet artillery, the hostilities of the Soviet troops during the Berlin operation, the Victory parade on Red Square in June 1945, Marshals I.S. Konev, L. A. Govorov on the podium of the Mausoleum. The city of Kirov. Meetings of war veterans. Museum of local lore. House-Museum of I. S. Konev in the village of Lodeino. Celebrations in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Victory. A meeting at the Mayak plant. The unveiling of a memorial plaque on the building of the former evacuation hospital. Meeting of veterans with the governor of the Kirov region V. A. Desyatnikov. Festive lunch at the Veteran cafe. Exhibition of works by veteran artists. The mayor of the city A.E. Klevachkin is present. Veterans at the flight school. Festive concerts on the square, in the city theater. The children's choir is singing (synchronously). Laying flowers at the Eternal Flame. Parade. Sports holiday. Landscapes of the Kirov region. The territory of the former village of Butyrka, the birthplace of Marshal L.A. Govorov. Church.
A. Solovyova
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the second world war
, local government agencies
, rural settlements
, public catering
, museums
, cities
, painting
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G. Myakishev
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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