Young Ballet of the World

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Emblem of the 1st International Ballet Competition. Flags of countries participating in the competition on the columns of the facade of the Bolshoi Theater. Hall of the Bolshoi Theater's decoration workshops. Ballerinas in the rehearsal room are warming up at the bar. G. Ulanova and I. Moiseev met at the airport A. Haskell. Danish, Japanese, Romanian, Arab dancers rehearse in the class of the choreographic school. N. Sorokina and Yu. Vladimirov at the rehearsal. Drawing of lots for the participants of the competition. Jury members: A. de Mille, M. Plisetskaya, M. Ksheshovskaya, K. Sergeev, V. Chebukiani, A. Alonso, A. Khachaturyan. The audience at the entrance to the Bolshoi Theater. The participants of the competition are preparing for the performance. Speakers: A. Arauho (Cuba), M. Aradi and I. Doga (Hungary), F. Zyumbo and P. Bart (France), A. Bogatyrev (USSR), L. Kunakova (USSR), M. Boyaryshnikov (USSR ), H. Fukagawa (Japan), A. -M. Dubdel-Nielsen, P. Schaufus (Denmark), M. Sabirova (USSR), I. Jun (Japan). Izvestia editorial office building. Illuminated advertisement for the 1st ballet competition. Moscow city at night. Cars are going by. Hotel "Russia". Participants of the competition in numbers. Rehearsal on the stage of the theater at night. 2nd day of the competition. Backstage turmoil. Speakers: L. Semenyaka, N. Kovmir (USSR), L. Araujo and H. Esquivel (France). Dressing room. The artists are resting, preparing for the performance. Teachers instruct their students. Dancing H. Bai and R. Gavlik (Germany), M. Baryshnikov (USSR), N. Bolshakova and V. Gulyaev (USSR). Theater box. Spectators' faces. Applause. The jury members fill out the evaluation ballots, put them in the ballot box. Participants of the competition on vacation in the Arkhangelskoye park. Final celebration. The Minister of Culture of the USSR E. A. Furtseva is speaking. Presentation of gold medals: F. Zyumbo and P. Bartou (France), M. Sabirova (USSR), M. Baryshnikov (USSR).
A. Cineman
Film ID
urban transport
, cultural connections
, public service
, theatre
, cities
, air transport
, music
Number of Parts
A. Kazin, M. Rafikov, G. Chumakov
Other Creators
script P. Abalimov, B. Starshov
Release Date
Has Sound

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