Young Leninists

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Students of one of the Moscow schools in the pioneer room talking with the pioneer leader (sinhr.), Sitting in the classroom. Pioneers on an excursion to the 16th Moscow printing house. Chronicle footage of the 20s, dedicated to the history of the pioneer organization: a parade of pioneers on Red Square, admission to pioneers in one of the villages, decoration of a wall newspaper, enrollment of adults in educational programs, the struggle of pioneers against homelessness, participation of pioneers in amateur performances, in a motor rally in cars, built by their own hands, at the All-Union Pioneer rally in Moscow in 1929. Meeting of the pioneers of the boarding school №3 in the city of Gorlovka. Meeting of pioneers with miners. Visit to the city museum of pioneer glory. Collection of scrap metal by the pioneers of Gorlovka. Novosibirsk pioneers are engaged in the club of young technicians, are testing a device that measures the electrical conductivity of soil. Pioneers from the village of Lebedevka in Siberia help on a poultry farm. Students of the boarding school in the city of Kandovo self-repair the building of the boarding school, study in the pottery and weaving workshop, play the national instruments. Kiev pioneers are helping to repair books in one of the city's libraries. Schoolchildren of the city of Riga work in the pioneer bureau of services: they repair sledges, deliver a washing machine to their homes, tell the kids in kindergarten. Schoolchildren in Moscow are engaged in one of the aircraft modeling circles, in the art circle. Performances at competitions for young gymnasts, hockey players, figure skaters. Admission to the pioneers on Red Square. Parade of young athletes.
V. Katanyan, I. Zhukovskaya
Film ID
out-of-school education
, situation of children
, self-education for adults
, homelessness and neglect of children
, childrens organizations
, secondary education (schools)
, preschool education
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Kochetkov, G. Serov, I. Grachev
Other Creators
There is no data
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