Your Way Is in the Seas

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A film about a friend of A.S. Pushkin at the Lyceum - Fedor Matyushkina, about their friendship. A story about the exploration of the North of Russia by F.F. Matyushkin, about his participation in the circumnavigation. Part 1, Pushkin. Palace and park ensemble "Tsarskoe Selo". Catherine Palace (architect F. Rastrelli, 1756), Catherine Park. Fountain "Girl with a jug" ("Milkmaid") (sk. P.P. Sokolov, 1816-1817); a pond on the territory of the Catherine Park. The building of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum (architect IV Neelov, 1792). Monument to A.S. Pushkin in the Lyceum Garden (sk. R.R.Bach, 1900). Lyceum interior; F. Matyushkin's room; cool room. Leningrad. View of one of the canals of the Neva River. North-East Siberia. Mountain landscapes. The Kolyma river. East Siberian Sea: ice floes on the water; a flock of birds circling above the water; seal swims in the water. Part 1 uses: images by F.F. Matyushkina; A.S. Pushkin; M.L. Yakovleva; V.D. Volkhovsky; VC. Kuchelbecker; I.I. Pushchina; Director of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum E.A. Engelhardt; sailors I.F. Kruzenshtern, V.M. Golovnin, F.P. Wrangel, F.P. Litke, Yu.F. Lisyansky, F.F. Bellingshausen, M.P. Lazarev; drawings by F. Matyushkin depicting Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Zashiversk. The first part uses a poem by A.S. Pushkin "October 19, 1825" with an appeal to a friend-lyceum student F. Matyushkin. Part 2 of the Chukotka National District. Chukchi Sea: ice on the water; coast; wooden structure on the shore. Wrangel Island: rocky coastline, ice on the water. Cape Matyushkina. Leningrad. Moika river embankment. Pushkin. Pond in Catherine Park; fountain "Girl with a jug" ("Milkmaid") (sk. P.P. Sokolov, 1816-1817) in the park; the building of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. Moscow. Monument to A.S. Pushkin on Pushkin Square (sk. AM Opekushin, 1880) In the second part, the drawings by F. Matyushkin are used; lines from the letters of F. Matyushkin; photographic portraits, graphic images of F. Matyushkin in different years. In the second part, graphic images of the city of St. Petersburg of the 19th century are used; buildings and interior of the hotel "Demuta" of the XIX century; the uprising of the Decembrists on December 14 (26), 1825 on Senate Square; sea coasts; sailing ships; the embankment of Sevastopol; the image of the painting by I.K. Aivazovsky “Kronstadt. Fort "Emperor Alexander I" (1844)
K. Burkovsky
Film ID
systematics of animals
, palaces
, portrait sculpture
, landscapes
, architecture of small forms
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, memorial museums
, painting
, cathedrals
, estate museums
Number of Parts
L. Fomichev
Other Creators
scriptwriters A. Bogomolov, G. Brovin, scientific consultant M. Konits, composer A. Muravlev, sound engineer B. Konin, editor G. Ryabinin, director T. Fedorovich
Release Date
Has Sound

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