Youth in the Fight for Peace

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Antiwar demonstration of students in Moscow. Performances of the youth political song ensemble "Manifest" (synchronously); interview with the soloist of the ensemble M. Ganeev (synchronously). Production workshops of a plant for the production of agricultural machines in the city of Lyubertsy near Moscow; members of V. Lyulkov's brigade at their workplaces; Brigadier V. Lyulkov talks about the initiative of his brigade to include in the brigade M. Pugachev, who died during the Great Patriotic War, and transfer the money earned to the Peace Fund (synchronously). Exhibits of the factory museum. Lyulkov's brigade signs an appeal "It's not too late." V. Lyulkov conducts training in the "Sambo" section, plays football with his son. Meeting of veterans of the Great Patriotic War at the main entrance of the Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow. Performances of the clown O. Popov, acrobats, strongman V. Dikul in the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. Head of the laboratory at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, activist of the Soviet Committee "Scientists for the Prevention of Nuclear War", embryologist S. Kolesnikov talks about the destructive effects of toxic substances during the period of human embryonic development and about the Soviet-American debate on the threat of nuclear war (synchronously). Speeches of students participating in the Soviet-American debate T. Fry, V. Shalin, K. Kellogg Close (synchronously). The film includes footage from the newsreel of the Second World War.
M. Voinov
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the second world war
, agricultural engineering
, the circus
, usa
, medicine
, borbazamir
, music
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G. Zavyalov
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