Youth Parade

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1h - Stadium "Dynamo" filled with spectators before the start of the parade. On the government rostrum: I. V. Stalin, V. M. Molotov, K. E. Voroshilov, G. M. Malenkov, L. P. Beria, N. A. Bulganin, A. I. Mikoyan and others Secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee NA Mikhailov and Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Romanov take the parade of athletes. Speech by Romanov. 2h - The parade participants march across the stadium field. Speech by schoolchildren-athletes in Moscow. Children are presented with bouquets of flowers to the leaders of the party and government. Performance of athletes from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia. 3h - Speeches by students of Moscow universities, athletes from Moldova, the Karelo-Finnish SSR, students of the Leningrad Institute of Physical Education named after Lesgaft, athletes from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, athletes from the sports society "Dynamo". Speech by young footballers of the Dynamo society. 4h - Performances of athletes from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, athletes from the society "Labor Reserves", athletes from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. 5h - Performances of wrestlers, motorcyclists of the "Trade Unions" society, gymnasts, runners. Performances of athletes from Belarus, Ukraine, Moscow Institute of Physical Culture named after Stalin. 6h -Boxing competitions. Speech by athletes of the Russian Federation.
V. Boykov, E. Svilova
Film ID
national policy
, tips
, state figures
, physical education
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
S. Kaplun, M. Pankina, V. Plotnikova, V. Nesterov, K. Nikitin, M. Sobolev, P. Sokolov, D. Blok
Release Date
Has Sound

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