Yukte Is the Source

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The film tells about the Evenki reindeer herders living in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, about their life and way of life. The film tells about one of the ancient Cossack settlements - Zaimka, intended according to the plan to build a hydroelectric power station for flooding. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. A stream runs among the trees in the forest. The ship is sailing along the river. The ship's crew at work. The captain is in the wheelhouse, giving commands (sync.). A panorama of a herd of deer. Evenk boy with a whip among deer. A family of Evenk reindeer herders moves to another camp: adults and children ride reindeer through the forest. A family of reindeer herders in the new camp. The girl is leading the deer. Men cutting a deer carcass. The type of tent in which the family lives. A small child walks near the chum. A herd of deer in the forest. Fog spreads along the river, in the taiga. The head of the family talks about the life and life of the Evenki reindeer herders (sinhr.). One of the men is negotiating on the radio (sync.): He asks to send a helicopter for a sick child. General view of the radio. A woman with a child is sitting in the chum at the entrance. Another child, dressed in an overcoat, sits leaning against the pillows. Part II. Evenk women from a family of reindeer herders dress reindeer skins. View of the hanging skins. An Evenk man talks about the hard life of reindeer herders (sync. And off-screen.). A kind of chum where a family of reindeer herders lives. Children in a tent are sitting by the stove, a woman is washing in a basin. Reindeer herders' family moving to a new camp. General view of the taiga, ships sailing along the river (filmed from a helicopter). Black-and-white footage dedicated to the arrival of its former residents in the village of Zaimka, to celebrate the 270th anniversary of the village: people on the deck of the ship, dancing, singing; meeting on the shore with an accordion, arriving guests, people exchanging greetings, talking (sinhr.). Former residents of the village are walking down the street, remembering their homes (sinhr.). View of the building of the Zaim elementary school of the Nezhemsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The manager of the 2nd branch of the local state farm talks (sync. And behind the scenes.) About himself, about the village and about its upcoming fate in connection with the construction of the next hydroelectric power station. Taiga landscape. Evenk children look into the airplane illuminator. Part 3. General view of the taiga (filmed from a helicopter0. An Evenk man tells (sync. And behind the frame) about the life of reindeer herders. General view of the river. Black and white frames dedicated to the meeting of former and current residents the village of Zaimka, in connection with its 270th anniversary: they exchange greetings, talk (sync. and behind the scenes.) A resident of the village at home, sitting at a table with a samovar, talks about her life (sync. and behind the frame.). the interior of the room, household items from the village. Landscape of the village: cows graze in a meadow by the river, village street. The ship sails on the river. captain in the wheelhouse, gives interviews (sync.). Deer in the snow in the forest. A fawn next to a deer. woman (Cr. plan.).
I. Zaitseva
Film ID
rural settlements
, school education
, livestock
, river transport
, everyday life
, landscapes
, features of nationality
Number of Parts
S. Chaplinsky, I. Zaitseva
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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