Zionism Before the Judgment of History

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The film exposes the reactionary ideology and practice of Zionism. New York City. American Assembly in Support of Zionism in Israel. Speech by Leon Dulcin (sinhr.) Old Paris. Says President of the United Jewish Foundation Herzel. Jerusalem. The streets of the town. Merchants in the square. Praying at the Wailing Wall. 1919 Arrival in Palestine of the members of the Zionist Commission headed by H. Weizmann. Jewish colonists at work. Former President of the World Zionist Organization Naum Goldman in his office, giving an interview. Photos of Zionist stormtroopers, Zeev Jabotinsky. Warsaw ghetto. Detachment of the auxiliary Jewish police. Captured Jews in the barracks. Jewish emigrants sail to Palestine. Steamer at the pier. The greeters. 1948 British troops leave Palestine. Actions of terrorist gangs in Palestine: corpses of people, burning buildings. Ben-Gurion speaking. 1917 Signing of the Camp David Agreement by the leaders of 3 countries (USA, Egypt, Israel). Occupation regime in Palestine. The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Y. Arafat is speaking. The opening ceremony of the Israeli parliament-Knesset. Presidium. Guests and participants of the ceremony. Foundation of a new Jewish settlement. Assassination attempt on the mayor B. Shakaa. Prime Minister M. Begin on the podium during the presentation of the Nobel Prize. Editorial office of the Zionist newspaper Juish Chronicle. The building of the English Parliament. Streets of New York. The headquarters building of the American Zionist organization. "Golden Street" of New York. Bank Leumi. Antwerp. Showcase with jewels. The building of the Diamond Exchange. The area of New York where former Soviet citizens live. Demonstration of the Zionists at the building of the Soviet mission in New York. Excerpts from the court record in the Sharansky case. Military training for members of the Jewish Defense League. Israeli Prime Minister Begin's visit to the United States. Lebanon. Burning quarters of Beirut after the Israeli air raid. Ruins of houses. Refugees. Palestinian camp-Rashidiya. Corpses on the streets of the camp. 1982 Israeli aggression against Lebanon: Israeli tanks are moving along the highway, machine gunners are shooting, Israeli soldiers are walking, planes are flying over. Broken technique. The wounded. Killed. Palestinian soldiers. Head of Palestine Y. Arafat. Anti-Israel demonstrations in Paris, Tunisia, Israel. Members of the Black Panthers movement. The police disperse the demonstrators. The Orthodox District in Jerusalem. Demonstration. UN building. Meeting.
O. Uralov
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, international connections
, finance
, international law
, wars and conflicts
, international organizations
, terrorism
, borbazamir
, 2nd world war
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I. Fraz
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