Zivilov From the Red Hammer

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The film tells about Zivilov, a worker of the Red Hammer plant. Chechen ASSR, Grozny. General view of the Grozny oil refinery. The truck carries two tanks on a trailer. Oil pipelines, refinery tanks. Ball-shaped tanks. The tram passes along the city street. Freight trains with tanks are at the depot. Steelworkers at work in the steel-making shop of the Krasny Molot plant. The worker carries a red-hot blank with tongs. Processing a red-hot blank under the press. An employee of the personnel department of the Krasny Molot plant talks with young specialists. Military newsreels 1941-1944): industrial building; sacked windows; dugout; the gun in the dugout moves behind the tank; Soviet plane PE-2 in the air, bombs are falling; the plant is on fire; smoke over the building; people are digging a moat; the Nazis on a rural street; two girls in the ashes. Zivilov recalls the work of the plant in the war and post-war times (behind the scenes). Workers in the workshop are playing dominoes. Plate with the inscription: "Assembly shop No. 3". Various parts, blanks in the workshop. Plaque with the inscription: "Canteen school No. 40 of the Grozny trust of canteens." Dining room building. Visitors put dishes on trays. The cashier punches the check. Pies on a tray. Visitors dine at tables. A group of schoolchildren pass by the dining room. Zivalov walks through the shop. Welders in the shop work at the production site of a large-sized special tank for the oil field. A huge pipe moves around the workshop using a crane beam. A red-hot round billet moves through the workshop. A freight train carrying a huge pipe. Zivilov in a group of workers near the building of the Red Hammer plant. Photos of mother, elder sister from Zivilov's family album. Zivalov's son, Nikolai, works at the can lids manufacturing site. Another son of Zivilov, Georgy, is a footballer of the factory team on a sports field during a match. Zivilov's nephew - Volodya works as a welder in the shop. Zivilov trains young welders who graduated from vocational schools in the workshop. Top view of the workshop. The crane operator at work. Moving large-sized parts around the workshop. Ready-made units for oil wells. Zivalov in the shop at work. Production processes in the shops of the plant.
G. Gudiev
Film ID
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, football
, oil industry
, public catering
, mechanical engineering
, world war ii (including the great patriotic war)
, railway transport
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S. Tsoriev
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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