100 Theta Ho-Shi Mina

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1h General view of the territory of Vietnam (filmed from a helicopter). View of one of the settlements (removed from the highway). Landscapes of Vietnam. View of ancient temples. Celebrating the New Year in one of the cities of Vietnam: a theatrical procession along a city street with models of dragons, musicians play, city dwellers in the streets, flowers in the streets. Harvesting rice in one of the farms in Vietnam: a farmer carries the harvested rice. The interior of the rooms in the house-museum of Ho Chi Minh in his native village. Newsreel footage of the 50s and 60s: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh crying in his native village, in his home, among the village children, in his office. 2h Arrival in Vietnam of emigrants from France: meeting at the airport. A festive New Year's procession along the street of one of the Vietnamese cities. Sea coast. Newsreel footage: views of Paris in the period 1914-1918, the participation of Vietnamese soldiers as part of the colonial troops in the 1st World War, the revolutionary events of 1917 in Petrograd, the Versailles Conference of 1918, newspaper hawkers on the streets of Paris, a meeting of the Congress of the Socialist Party of France, views of Leningrad and Moscow in the 20-30s, Ho Chi Minh's speech at the Congress of the Comintern, views of Hong Kong (20s and 30s), traffic on the streets of Hong Kong, rickshaws on the streets of Hong Kong, Vietnamese people are engaged in various types of work in workshops , fishing, rafting down the river. 3h. Monk in a Buddhist temple. Interior decoration of one of the temples. Solemn service in the temple. Rice field view. The peasants are carrying the harvested rice crop. A view of the territory of Vietnam (filmed from a helicopter). Newsreel footage of the 20s: the streets of Hong Kong, French troops pass along one of the streets, fishermen sail on a boat on the sea. Newsreel footage: views of Moscow in the 1930s, the meeting of the 18th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in 1935, the 7th World Congress of the Comintern in Moscow, a speech at the Congress by G. Dimitrov, I. V. Stali and others on the presidium of the Congress , festive demonstration on Red Square (30s). 4h. Newsreel footage of the 40s: prisoners in Chai Kanshi prisons, the fighting of the Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War, a meeting in Indochina of representatives of the French and Japanese governments, members of the people's liberation movement of Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh at one of the partisan bases, a view of the street of one of the Vietnamese cities, a detachment of Japanese soldiers is walking along the street, the fighting of Japanese troops, the proclamation of Vietnam's independence in August 1945 in Hanoi, the arrival of French warships to the shores of Vietnam for participation of French representatives in joint negotiations, Ho Chi Minh on the deck of the French ship, Ho Chi Minh's arrival in Paris to participate in the negotiations, negotiations in Paris, Ho Chi Minh's speech in Hanoi at a rally calling for the beginning of the liberation struggle. Streets of one of the cities of Vietnam. View of the Benhai River. Day of remembrance of the ancestors in Vietnam. Interior decoration in one of the Buddhist temples. Newsreel footage of the 50s: Ho Chi Minh walking along a trail in the jungle, sitting by a hut in a partisan detachment, driving in a car with soldiers, washing his feet in the river, type of hostilities, Vietnamese refugees, fighting the People's Liberation Army of Vietnam, Ho Shi Min with representatives of the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army, captured French soldiers, a view of the Benhai River, which divided Vietnam into two states, the peasants of North Vietnam are working in the field to plant rice, boats are floating on the river, the peasants are working on the construction of irrigation facilities, harvesting rice, threshing rice in one of the peasant households, the fighting of the American aggressors in Vietnam, the massacre of American soldiers over the civilian population of Vietnam, the bombing of the territory of Vietnam by the American aircraft. Buddhist monk beats the bells. Celebrating the New Year in one of the cities of Vietnam. Festive theatrical procession along the street. A Vietnamese man blesses his new truck. Vendors on the street are offering their wares. Cooking food for sale on the street of one of the cities. Residents ride bicycles through the streets. Rice field view. The woman walks with the child. The farmer is carrying the harvested rice crop. Pham Van Dong gives interviews (sinhr.). General Won Guen Diak gives interviews (sinhr.) Newsreel footage: Ho Chi Minh sitting by the river, throwing stones, talking with children, Ho Chi Minh among the people.
A.Sgapran. Nguyen Ngoc Quinn
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, vietnam
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, japan
, building
, international connections
, national holidays
, plant growing
, the great patriotic war
, communist parties
, 1st world war
, fishing
, state holidays
, navy
, peoples liberation movement
, rural settlements
, everyday life
, usa
, wars and conflicts of the 1st half of the 20th century
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, handicraft production
, political connections
, cities
, buddhism
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A. Chervyakov
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