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Bringing both the iconic and unknown Russian footage to the global market

For many decades after the Russian Revolution, films and photos depicting Soviet life were carefully controlled. Now, while Russia is open to the world, it’s not always easy to gain quick and legal access to these audio-visual treasures.

In 1998, RAO brought together leading international experts in archival science with Russian government archivists to create a unique multi-lingual online catalogue. Now, RAO has researchers and technical resources in Russia that assist our customers get fast and accurate results.

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Our Passion for Access Has Expanded Our Reach

Over the past quarter of a century of operations, RAO has survived the forces of rapid change in modern Russia to expand our partnerships. Now we are bringing access to media from a growing list of both public and private sources to the international market.

Russian female pilots
“Night Witches” (all-female Soviet night bombers)

How it Works

This is how our licensing and research process works.


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We'll Provide an Estimate

If we determine that we'll be able to help you research the materials and digitize a sample that you're interested in, we'll provide an estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost to do the preliminary research.


Collect Payment and Conduct Research

If you decide you'd like to move forward, we'll send an invoice and collect payment for the initial research.


Deliver Research and Samples

Once the research is completed, we'll send over all relevant samples and research materials collected. If further research needs to be done, we can repeat the steps above until you have enough information to decided whether or not you'd like to pursue a licensing agreement.


Collect Licensing Fees and Execute Agreement

Once you decide you'd like to license any or all of the materials surfaced in the research phase, we'll collect another payment and execute a licensing agreement.


Digitally Deliver Licensed Materials to You

Once we've received final payment and executed agreement, we will prepare all the licensed materials, deliver them to you digitally, and confirm receipt.

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