200th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences

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BOX 1. City of Leningrad. Exhibits of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences: mummified human embryos, babies with pathologies in physiological development, baby animals; skeletons and skulls of people; human skeleton with two heads. A bust of a Neanderthal man, a road carriage, old looms, a horse rider's mannequin, a dragon sculpture, mannequins of people in national costumes of the peoples of the world; a figurine of an Indian woman in a national costume; model of a Buddhist temple in the halls of the museum. Researcher at the telescope at the observatory. Book depository. Shelves with books and newspaper sets. Employees of the Zoological Museum carve a fossilized fragment of an animal from a stone, set the jaw of a fossil animal on a stand for display at an exhibition. Exhibits of the Zoological Museum: skeletons of a polar whale, sea cow, fish, mammoth; fossil rhino head, stuffed elephant, horse. Sculpture of K.M.Ber in the museum. Collections of beetles and butterflies; there are Latin inscriptions on the labels. A sample of uranium-vanadium ore at the stand [of the Mineralogical Museum]. A boat, sailing boats in [the Gulf of Finland] and at the pier. Steamers are on the shore. Cranes in the port. Vacationers on the shore of the bay. Passengers on a steamer during a boat trip. Architectural and park ensemble of Peterhof. The Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade. Alley of fountains and the Sea Canal. Fountain with the monumental group "Samson Tearing the Lion's Jaws". People in the alleys of the park and by the fountains. BOX 2: A man performs a leg exercise. Exhibits of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences: fragments of the trunks of two trees connected by common branches, human skulls, a stuffed two-headed calf, mummified babies fused in the region of the sacrum, head, without legs, without arms and legs, "Siamese twins", etc. The skeleton of a polar whale in the hall of the Zoological Museum. A museum employee restoring an animal skeleton at the Pulkovo Observatory. Outbuildings. The building of the Pulkovo Observatory. The top of the building rotates. Meteorological tower. BOX 3 Moscow. Cars and buses decorated with fir branches stop near the Borovitsky Gate of the Moscow Kremlin. Passengers get off the buses, go through the Borovitsky Gate. Tourists under umbrellas pass along Cathedral Square near the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin; it's raining. Firewood stacked in piles on the territory of the Kremlin. Sightseers enter the building. Trucks with children [at the demonstration] at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. The city of Leningrad. The building of the Pulkovo Observatory. Workers on the roof of the building. Military surveyors studying at the school of surveyors at the Pulkovo Observatory, in practical classes. Sailors, pioneers, the public in the alleys of Peterhof Park and near the fountains. Shelves with books and newspaper sets. Books on shelves in the reading room.
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