30 Days in America

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A film about the trip of the Soviet delegation of editors of student and youth newspapers to the United States, consisting of: Y. Voronov, M. Kholdeev, A. Valyuzhenin, A. Grechukhin, V. Voitko, V. Troshkin. USA. G. New York. The Statue of Liberty. Skyscrapers. UN headquarters building. Streets, buildings, parks, squares in different parts of the city, including in workers' districts, city residents, including the unemployed, on the streets of the city. Market. Street trade. The shops. Broadway (daytime and evening shooting). G. Boston. Streets, buildings. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Bank. One of the city's clinics. Metalworking plant. Harvard University. Members of the Soviet delegation talk with students. City of Chicago. Poor and wealthy areas of the city. University of Chicago. The students are playing baseball. State of Utah. Copper mine. Salt Lake City. Monument to the Seagull. Salt Lake Great Salt Lake. City of San Francisco. Columbus Monument. Alcatraz Prison. Market. Fragments of the tour performance of the ensemble of Igor Moiseev. Roy Wombble's farm. City of Washington. Buildings of Congress, Pentagon, Supreme Court. Meeting of the members of the delegation with Senator Ellender. House-Museum of J. Washington. Grave of J. Washington. Monument to G. Jefferson. Meeting with E. Roosevelt, President of the Academy of Sciences D. Bronk.
S. Pumpyanskaya
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places of detention
, urban transport
, mining industry
, cultural connections
, legal proceedings
, architecture
, trade
, museums
, finance
, situation of various populations
, higher state bodies
, landscapes
, international organizations
, professional education
, cities
, sculpture
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V. Troshkin
Other Creators
sound V. Georgievskaya, S. Klyuchevsky
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