5th Anniversary of October in Vladivostok

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A column of students with a teacher is walking along the central street of Vladivostok, passers-by are on the sidewalk, the military are passing by, a showcase of the Cafe-Confectionery. There are columns of small children with teachers, schoolchildren, Red Army soldiers are riding on horses. A detachment of Red Army soldiers with rifles goes along the tram tracks. Sopki. The commanders of the Red Army in formation. The Red Army men stand on a tower with a poster "PROLETARIES OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!", Chairman of the Military Council and Minister of War of the Far Eastern Republic IP Uborevich speaks to the audience. A column of students from real schools is walking along the street, they are accompanied by teachers. Banner “WE WILL SEND ONLY COMMUNISTS TO THE TIPS”, workers are walking, a Red Army soldier is riding by on horseback, three children with flags are walking in front of the column. There is a column of workers, men are carrying banners “YES HEADS OF THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION TT. LENIN AND TROTSKY "," HAIL TO THE PEOPLE'S REVOLUTIONARY ARMY AND THE RED PARTYZANS "," IN UNITY OF POWER ", etc." There is a column of students from the First Women's Gymnasium. There is a column of students from the men's gymnasium with teachers, a Red Army soldier is riding on horseback. There is a column of girls - students with teachers, older girls are holding a poster "2nd WOMEN'S COLLEGE." Musicians of a brass band are walking down the street, playing, followed by soldiers with rifles, dogs are running.
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, public holidays
, red army
, demonstrations
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