A Fairy Tale About the Wind

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The film tells about the importance of wind for people and nature in a fabulous way. The fabulous "wind" complains of boredom. When he is quiet, no one notices him. And as soon as he blows harder, trees sway in the forest, residents of the city lose their hats, housewives close the windows of houses, hats fly out of the showcase of "Hire of theater costumes", umbrellas are lost, carriages with children are taken away from talking young mothers and stop at the desired entrance ... Both adults and children run home. And again the "wind" is bored. Only one boy is not scared, he opens the window to the wind. The boy and the "wind" begin to be friends. "Veter" tells how he used to help and is still helping people. For sailboats on the high seas and sport yachts, he inflates the sails. The glider soars in the sky, the wings of the windmill are spinning, the blades of the wind generator are spinning, and the light is on - all this is due to the wind. Rain pours down from a cloud driven by the wind. Plants grow, and their seeds are carried away in all directions by the wind. The "wind" even lifts the boy on a kite over the river and fields. Newsreel footage: - 1960-1970s: palm trees bend in the wind, a house collapses in a storm, a horse harnessed to a cart falls, people run. - 1970s: people walk in a snowstorm.
M. Tavrog
Film ID
television communication
, marine fleet
, phenology
, general education schools
, water sports
, natural disasters
, flour and cereal industry
, electricity
, physics of the atmosphere
, air sport
Number of Parts
E. Potievsky
Other Creators
scriptwriter N. Loseva, editor N. Kaspe, composer L. Solin, sound engineer N. Kuznetsov, artist K. Orlov, director of the painting L. Smirnova
Release Date