A I Mikoyan in the Cuban Republic

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Residents of Havana welcomed First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers AI Mikoyan and other members of the Soviet delegation, who arrived in Cuba. Streets of Havana, a monument to Jose Martí, the Presidential Palace. A. Mikoyan talks at a reception with President Juan O. Dorticos, Prime Minister of Cuba F. Castro; speaks at the opening of the exhibition of the achievements of the Soviet Union in the field of science, technology and culture; among those present at the opening of the exhibition - Director of the National Bank of Cuba - E. Guevara, Minister of Commerce S. Bonilla, O. Dorticos, F. Castro. Visitors visiting the exhibits of the exhibition. Advertising of Soviet films on the streets of Havana. AI Mikoyan talks with businessmen at the National Bank of Cuba; inspects the construction sites of new houses in the city of Havana; talks at a reception with the Minister of the Armed Forces R. Castro, a researcher at the Institute of Agrarian Reform. Members of the Soviet delegation, headed by AI Mikoyan, make a trip to the agricultural cooperative "La Pinos": delegates talk with members of the cooperative, inspect piglets, chickens. Residents of the village of Batey welcomed members of the USSR delegation. Participants of the rally at the rice-cleaning plant listen to the speeches of AI Mikoyan, F. Castro. AI Mikoyan, other members of the Soviet delegation are fishing in the country residence of F. Castro, visiting the exhibits in the House-Museum of Jose Marti, talking with the writer E Hemingway in the writer's house. A. Mikoyan and F. Castro sign a trade agreement at a reception at the President's Palace.
S. Kidney
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, economic communications
, leisure
, rural settlements
, cultural connections
, collective farms
, food industry
, agricultural sciences
, international trade
, literature
, finance
, political connections
, monuments
, government
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V. Komarov, O. Lebedev
Other Creators
text V. Andrianov, speaker R. Vygodsky, sound engineer V. Georgievskaya
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