Across the Don and Kuban No 9

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A solemn meeting dedicated to the presentation of the Rostov region with the rolling Red Banner of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the Central Committee of the Komsomol for the fulfillment of the plans and socialist commitments of 1974. 1st Secretary of the Rostov Regional Party Committee Bondarenko speaking. Production processes in the pipe-welding shop No. 4 of the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant, which has mastered the production of gas pipes in bundles up to 1 kilometer long. Meeting of the Rostov Komsomol with the old communist, who was in the protection of V. I. Lenin, Ya. I. Oktyabrsky. Ya. I. Oktyabrsky speaking. Presentation of new Komsomol tickets to the best Komsomol members of the Leninsky district of Rostov. Among them - the absolute champion of the USSR, Europe, the World, Olympic Games in artistic gymnastics L. Turishcheva, police lieutenant A. Rusov. Rural landscape. View of the school named after Hero of the Soviet Union Sasha Stepanov in the Kuban village of Dneprovskaya. View of the obelisk to 9 Stepanov brothers who died during the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. Nearby is the grave of a mother who raised brothers-heroes and was awarded a military award for this. Photos - portraits of the Stepanov brothers. A. Stepanov's letters from the front. Students of the Taganrog vocational school number 19 in the classroom. Among the teachers of the school are Heroes of the Soviet Union, participants of the Great Patriotic War N. A. Danyushin and N. I. Kornienko. View of the memorial monument to the defenders of the Mius - front. Photo by N. A. Danyushin and N. I. Kornienko during the war.
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the second world war
, secondary vocational education
, metallurgy
, school education
, youth organizations
, awards
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