Across the Don and Kuban No 9

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Newsreel: Katyusha cannons are firing; soldiers run to attack; cavalry. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Rostov from the fascist invaders. Laying wreaths at the monuments to artillerymen, tankmen. Retired Major General Nazarko is speaking. Former front-line soldier, teacher of the Rostov road technical school S. A. Belavin takes care of pigeons and other birds in his home boarding house for birds. Brigadier of the Kuban collective farm "Caucasus", Hero of Socialist Labor A. V. Cherepova checks the readiness of agricultural machinery for sowing. The crew of a helicopter of V. Novoselov's agricultural aviation scatters mineral fertilizers over the fields with winter crops of the Put Ilyicha collective farm in the Kuban. Celebrations at the Krasnoarmeisky rice-growing state farm, Krasnodar Territory, to mark the 40th anniversary of the state farm and the presentation of government awards to the best workers of the state farm. Members of the ID Zhitlov brigade work at the assembly of the Kolos combine in the shop of the Taganrog Combine Plant. Presentation of government awards to members of the ID Zhitlov brigade. Meetings of workers' collectives in Rostov, Azov with the workers of the Soviet cinema; among them: G. Vitsin.
E.. Мокеев
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, cinematography
, leisure
, state agricultural enterprises
, collective farms
, agricultural engineering
, awards
Number of Parts
I. Poznansky, P. Gorkavtsev, A. Smolka, A. Brure, V. Ukolov, G. Sedov, Yu. Musatov
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