Against the Threat of Fascism

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Austria. Views of Western Austria. Cathedral in Salzburg. Antique coin shop selling Hitler orders and medals. West German magazines, newspapers. Former Field Marshal of the Hitlerite Army Kesselring lays a wreath at the monument to the fallen Nazi soldiers. Kesselring at home. Chronicle: shot civilians, troupes of children. Collection of soldiers' unions, which are distributed leaflets, newspapers, tokens, badges depicting the emblem of the SS troops. Vienna city. Members of the soldier's union are marching towards the Rotiv Kirche church. Dinner and consecration of the banner. Union members parade. Chronicle of 1934: Heimeerites pass through the streets of Vienna. Prince Shtaremberg is speaking before them. Events of 1934 in Vienna. Delegations from Vienna factories lay wreaths on the graves of the victims of the 1927 Nazi putsch. Theodore Mahler speaks at the rally. Present: I. Koplenig, Furinberg. Demonstration of youth, demanding the prohibition of soldiers' meetings. The police disperse the demonstrators. The city of Bad Ischl. A march of silence by the Austrian Democratic Women's Union against soldiers' meetings. Women lay wreaths at the monument to the victims of the 1st World War. City of Amstetten. Squares, streets of the city. Demonstration of city residents against fascism. The rally in the square. Speaker is the representative of the Union of Former Political Prisoners, Dr. V. Steiner.
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political organizations
, austria
, religion
, rally and protest
, protection of the state building
, cities
, 2nd world war
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A. Koloshin
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