Ages of Voices Bygone

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The film is dedicated to Russian folk customs and rituals. The film uses shooting staging wedding ceremonies and the holiday of Ivan Kupala. Summer landscape. Sunset. Butterfly on a flower. Horse in the field. The foal gallops across the field. Peasant yard. Wooden buildings. A woman is milking a cow. A pig, a horse, chickens and a rooster in the yard of a rural house. The kid drinks milk from a bottle. Birds on the tree. Wildflowers. Bumblebee on a flower. Rural residential building. The girl opens the wooden sash of the window, puts on a dress, runs out into the street. Forest landscape. A herd of roe deer. River. A flock of ducks swims along the river. Girls cross the river, perform part of the wedding ceremony (bachelorette party), collect flowers, make bouquets, weave wreaths. Girls with wreaths on their heads lead a round dance in the field. The girls take off their clothes, undress. Naked girls are running along the river, splashing water. Farewell ceremony of the bride with her girlfriends "Saturday Saturday". One of the girls has her hair braided. The girls perform the ceremony of curling a wedding tree, tying ribbons to trees, eating cakes, and playing "trickle". The falcon sits on a broken tree, flies in the sky. The viper (common) crawls on the grass. Holiday of Ivan Kupala. A woman fries eggs in a frying pan. Girls lead a round dance around a dressed-up woman, dance with headscarves, taste food. Red poppies in the meadow. Lake landscape. Girls on the shore of the lake, throwing branches of plants into the water, waving their hands. A wreath of daisies floats on the water. The girl washes her face with water. Girls perform a trial of fate at the Ivan Kupala holiday, swim, dance around the fire, jump over the fire. Naked girls with a fern on their belts waving their hands, go into the water.
A. Pozdnyakov
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, holidays
, livestock
, festivities
, entertainment
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, animal world
, peoples life
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