AIDS Is a Danger

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The film tells about the ways in which the AIDS virus spreads: drug addiction, homosexuality, casual relationships, smoking cigarettes, as well as what dangerous consequences such a lifestyle has for a person's life. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. 1 Plot. Passion and hate. View of one of the city apartments: young people and a girl watching a horror movie, discussing how sex differs from erotica, and erotica from pornography (sinhr.). One of the guys switches the TV, where they show his neighbor in a communal apartment, who says that their neighbor, a schoolgirl, is a carrier of the AIDS virus (sync.). A girl is kissing a young man. Another girl says that her friend had a relationship with a foreign citizen (sinhr.) A crowd of young men and women is dancing (music is playing, off-screen). Teenagers light a torch, throw stones at the window of an apartment building, shoot weapons. The movement of a fire engine and a police car along one of the streets of the city. One of the teenagers is hiding in the basement of an apartment building. 2 Plot. This plot includes staged footage: a homosexual man sticks to a teenager in the basement of one of the residential buildings; Part 2. 2plot (continuation) a young man opens his veins with a knife, puts his hand to the severed hand of a teenager, performing the "blood fraternization" ritual. The girl smokes and laughs; intoxicated teenagers; one of the girls holds a pill in her mouth, laughs (off-screen), injects a syringe into a vein, rolls her eyes. A young man - Oleg, 16 years old, is at the reception of the medical commission, where he is informed that he is infected and he has the AIDS virus. 3 The plot. Lecture. Oleg tells (behind the scenes) how AIDS spread in our country. An ambulance is moving along one of the streets of the city. Cell of the causative agent of AIDS, increased by 500,000, the body's leukocytes (taken through a microscope). The announcer (behind the scenes) talks about how the virus penetrates into white blood cells, multiplies there and destroys the immune system, after which a person dies from any infection. A poster with the structure of the virus. This part of the film uses photographs of one of the family, three of whom were infected with AIDS. 4 Plot. How to survive? A crowd of young people is dancing (music sounds, off-screen). A drug addict girl injects a syringe into her vein; teenagers smoke narcotic cigarettes passing each other; a girl and a young man are kissing. In this plot, fragments from a film about the ways of spreading infection are used: homosexuality, casual relationships, drug addiction, smoking cigarettes, "blood fraternization". At the end of the film, the address of the AIDS indicator is given, at which a person can seek medical help.
L. Isachenko
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medical services for the population
, infectious diseases
, standard of living
, automobile transport
, addiction
, leisure of youth
, militia
, personal health
, combating mass and common diseases
, fire protection
, crimes against life
, cytology
Number of Parts
A. Dudko, V. Karasev
Other Creators
Script and production N. Kovalsky, director V. Kutikov, sound engineer A. Shikhov
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