Almanac of Film Travel № 164

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Part 1 Plot 1 "Beyond the 69th parallel". Taimyr Autonomous District. Landscapes of the Taimyr Peninsula. Home construction. The city of Norilsk. Leninsky prospect of the city: a view of buildings, passing vehicles, pedestrians. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Cinema building. The first house (now a museum), built in the city in 1921, by geologists under the guidance of the Arctic researcher, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Nikolai Nikolaevich Urvantsev. Exhibits in the museum. Portrait of N.N. Urvantseva. Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Worker in the shop. Extraction of ore. Adults and children rest on the rare hot day. Shop with Norilsk souvenirs. Scene 2 "Across the Primorsky Territory" Primorsky Territory. Seagulls in the sky. Ussuri taiga. Animals in the taiga. View of an aircraft landing in one of the distant settlements. From the plane with the NDP: "USSR - 70841" leaves a group of young people - students studying in cities. Khabarovsk. Monument to the BK-302 armored boat, which took part in the Great Patriotic War. Vladivostok city. Brick building. Automobile bridge. Avenue of the city overlooking the Peter the Great Bay. The type of sculpture of a Red Army trumpeter 30 meters high is the central figure of the bronze composition to the fighters for Soviet power in the Far East. Fishing vessel "PAVEL POPOVICH" at sea. Part 2 Plot 3 "The city of epic-ancient" Vladimir region, the city of Suzdal. Hotel. Sightseeing buses. Tourists on the territory of the Suzdal Kremlin - the main attraction of the city. Cathedral Bell Tower. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Bishops' Chambers of the Suzdal Kremlin. Shopping arcade (Gostiny Dvor). View of the wooden St. Nicholas Church. Tomb of Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Pozharsky on the territory of the Spaso-Efimievsky Monastery. Bronze bust of Prince D.M. Pozharsky. NDP in the city. Plot 4 "Journey along the Ganges" India, the city of Rishikesh. View of the Ganges River and the city of Rishikesh, located in North India. Chan, in which the boy is stirring the mumiyo. Type of passing transport. Cycle rickshaws. Boat on the Ganges River. Haridwar city. View of the tall clock tower. People take bath in the Ganges. Cyclists. The city of Varansey. Embankment in the city of Varansey - the center of religious pilgrimage. Busy city street. Master for making patterns on fabric from gold and silver threads. Women dressed in saris. Kolkata city. Type of passing transport. City prospect. The building of the British Queen Victoria memorial in white, built in the Italian Renaissance style with oriental elements, is now a museum and one of the main attractions of India. Monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Boat on the Ganges River.
A. Serebrenikov, A. Tarasov, E. Eratov, Yu. Zakrevsky
Film ID
foreign countries (india)
, metallurgy
, trade
, air transport
, bridges
, religion
, sea transport
, christianity
, museums
, tourism
, rest of the population
, landscapes
, cities
, sculpture
, consumer services
Number of Parts
V. Chuprynin, A. Tarasov, O. Fedotov, N. Zotov
Other Creators
author of the text V. Bilchinsky, composer V. Zolotarev, musical arrangement S. Vasilenko, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor N. Nazaryan, director Y. Rozhkovskaya
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