Almanac of Film Travel №238

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1 part. 1st plot. In the heart of Europe. Training skiers on a springboard in the Carpathians: skiers descend from a springboard. View of the cable car in the Carpathians: tourists climb the mountains and descend. Types of the Carpathians, forests. Fauna of the Carpathians: wild boars. deer, lizard among the stones. A skidder transports the trunks of trees felled by lumberjacks. Cyclists ride on the highway. View of one of the hotels in the Carpathians, Panstonat. A rural courtyard in one of the Carpathian villages: a rasp of firewood in the courtyard, grandfather and grandson are walking around the courtyard. Panorama of one of the villages. View of the highway in the Carpathians. The car drives along the road. An employee of the weather station takes readings of the instruments General view of the territory of the Carpathian reserve. Foresters are sitting by the fire, examining the map of the reserve. 2 nd plot. Our ... unprecedented ... View of the house where M.M. Prishvin lived from 1946 to 1954. Bullfinch on a branch. Cat in the window. Veranda covered with snow. Panorama from a snow-covered field to the town of Zvenigorod. View of the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, the Nativity Cathedral. Panorama of the city and its environs (filmed from the bell tower). View of a well in one of the villages. Pictures of Russian artists depicting Zvenigorod and its environs. View of the village of Zakharova, where the estate of A. Pushkin's grandmother, M.A. Hannibal. View of the church in the village of Bolshie Vyazyomy. The grave of A. Pushkin's younger brother - N.S. Pushkin at the walls of the monastery. Panorama of the Golitsyn estate. View of the house where the composer A.I. Taneev lived since 1906. View of the house where in 1884 he lived and worked as a doctor A.P. Chekhov. 2 part. 3rd plot. Legend of Lake Udyl. An-2 aircraft takes off. The boat is sailing along the Amur. View of Lake Udyl, rocky shores. A group of young people on the deck of a boat sailing on the lake. A man is sailing on a motor boat on the lake, goes ashore, picks up a killed duck. Local residents - Ulchi, inhabiting the shores of the lake, in national clothes perform a pagan rite, in which a shaman takes part. 4th plot. Grand Museum. Nessebar. Panorama on the icon of the Mother of God. General view of the Bulgarian island of Nessebar in the Black Sea near Burgas. View of city buildings, pier. The boats are at the berths. View of a narrow street. Ruins of medieval churches, remains of fortifications. Interior view of one of the Byzantine temples. Type of icons, paintings. Sea waves run over the rocks near the coast.
A. Annensky, E. Akkuratova, A. Klyuchnikov, A. Mironov, N. Polonskaya
Film ID
road transport
, rural settlements
, monuments of history and architecture
, nature reserves
, river and lake transport
, bulgaria
, skiing
, everyday life
, christianity
, tourism
, museums
, meteorology
, animal world
, forestry
, landscapes
, air transport
, reserves
, features of nationality
Number of Parts
V. Motychenkov, A. Klimentiev, Yu. Sazonov, M. Komolikov
Other Creators
A. Romanov, Yu. Kalinichev, S. Kushnir
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