Almanac of Film Travel № 36

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The film almanacs included the following plots: 1 part. 1st plot - Norilsk - Snezhnogorsk Blizzard. Tractor on a snow-covered road. The bus passes along the street of Norilsk, people can hardly move along the street during a blizzard. The dump truck is driving with the headlights on. View of the Talna department store in one of the residential buildings in the city center. A man and a woman, supporting each other, walk down the street in a blizzard. Lanterns are burning on the street in a blizzard. The movement of vehicles along one of the streets. Norilsk. Mining of copper-nickel ores at the Mayak mine of the Talnakh copper-nickel deposit. Excavators load the rock into dump trucks, trolleys. General view of the Norilsk Mining and Nickel Combine with smoking pipes. General view of the Talnakh settlement. The movement of trucks on the road. General view of one of the central streets of Norilsk. Residents of the city pass through the streets in winter. A boy rides a bicycle, parents lead their children, girls in fur hats are passing by. Boys in felt boots are playing hockey on the street. A panorama of the northern landscape: snowdrifts, rare vegetation. View of the Khantayka River in Taimyr. View of the road leading to the village. Construction of the Khantayskaya hydroelectric power station. Dump trucks dump the rock. Drilling rock with special equipment. The work of explosives, welders. General view of the construction site. View of the village of Snezhnogorsk. Parents with children walk along the street of the village, along which there are two-storey wooden houses. General view of the automobile bridge across the river, along which cars travel. 2nd plot - Tarkhankut fishermen A panorama from the cliffs of the Tarkhankut cape, located at the northwestern tip of the Crimea, on the sea and a fishing vessel. A fishing boat is sailing on the sea. Waves hitting rocks. A fisherman with nets walks along the berth, which has a ship. Fishermen are preparing to go to sea. A fishing vessel sails from the pier, sails into the sea. Fishermen throw out a buoy from the ship, put nets. Fishermen raise nets with their catch, weigh the catch, cut the caught flounder on the deck, boil fish soup, eat. The ship moors to the shore in the evening. Part 2. 3rd plot - Vardzia Landscapes of the mountains of Georgia. View of the Kura River. General view of the monument to Shota Rustaveli. Ruins of an ancient temple and fortress. Birds soar in the sky. General view of the cave monastery complex of the XII-XIII centuries. - a monument of medieval Georgian architecture, located in the valley of the Kura River in Satskhe-Javakheti. General view of the premises carved into the sheer tuff wall of Mount Erusheti: churches, residential cells, etc. Tourists on the territory of Vardzia: they inspect the premises, stand at the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where unique frescoes with the image of King George III, Queen Tamara, and Jesus Christ have been preserved ... General view of the premises of the complex. where Queen Tamara lived. Storage type. where wine jugs were underground. Fragment of the water supply system. View of the waterfall in the vicinity of Vardzia. The girls are filling the jugs with water. 4th Plot - South Georgia View of South Georgia Island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean. View of graves with crosses, where explorers of unknown lands are buried. A memorial stone at the grave where the ashes of Ernest Henry Shackleton, an associate of the polar explorer Scott, are buried. A group of researchers studying the flora and fauna of the island, with cameras at the grave of Shackleton. An abandoned ship stands at the shore, a man walks along the road along the shore. View of abandoned buildings, fuel barrels, View of an old cannon on the shore, rusted anchors and anchor chains. View of an abandoned ship. Buildings on the shore, including a church. Bones of whales and other marine animals scattered along the shore. View of mountain peaks in the snow. Panorama from the mountains to the village located on the coast of the bay. Mountain landscape of the island. The boat is sailing to the colony of elephant seals on the shore. A man walks past elephant seals lying on the shore. Elephant seal roars (sync.). A man photographs 800 kg of the "owner" of the island. View of the elephant seals rookeries. Elephants in the water. Tourists sail on a ship past the island, take pictures from the deck.
V. Shneiderov, D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya, V. Nosarev, D. Mamedov, N. Nikitkin
Film ID
, automobile transport
, fishing
, building
, everyday life
, christianity
, settlements
, animal world
, landscapes
, cities
, geography
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya, V. Serebryakov, D. Mamedov, A. Popov
Other Creators
scriptwriters A. Nikitin, V. Berman, composer E. Stikhin, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor M. Dietrich
Release Date