Anatoly Agranovsky Special Correspondent

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Photos by A. Agranovsky for different years. Documents, notebooks, articles, books by A. Agranovsky. Talk about Agranovsky (synchronously): G. F. Agranovskaya (wife), S. Rassadin, K. Vanshenkin, A. Borshagovsky, G. Arbatov, E. Yakovlev, A. Adjubey, St. Fedorov. Svyatoslav and Irene Fedorov, Art. Rassadin, K. Vanshenkin, A. Borshchagovsky, A. Arbatov, O. Latsis and others at the table in the Agranovskys' house, listening to a song performed by A. Agranovskiy on a tape recorder, remembering and commemorating A. Agranovskiy. Chronicle footage: A. Agranovsky in the editorial office of the Izvestia newspaper among colleagues. Lake Baikal. Late 1960s-early 1970s. Construction of a pulp and paper mill. 1990 Lake Baikal. Pulp and paper mill. Landscapes. Shallow lake shore. Village. One-story wooden houses. Garbage dump. The workers of the plant are walking. Smoke pipes. Moscow city. Institute of Eye Microsurgery. St. Fedorov at the operation, with patients. Chronicle, 1970s. St. Fedorov in his office, at a meeting. Square. Man and woman on the bench. Doves and a sparrow on the sidewalk. Young woman with a child for a walk. Landscapes of the Baltic Sea, the coast. Publicist O. Latsis in a compartment of a passenger train, on the seashore, talks about A. Agranovsky (behind the scenes). Moscow. Production processes in the printing house.
V. Skitovich
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medical services for the population
, leisure
, standard of living
, printing
, ecology
, publishing
, printing industry
, pulp and paper industry
, cities
, railway transport
, a family
, home life
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L. Ermolaev
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