At the Turn of 5 Years

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The film is dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the creation of a unified Moscow Union of workers of Soviet public and commercial institutions and enterprises (1919-1924). House number 1 on Malaya Dmitrovka, where the All-Russian trade union of workers of administrative-Soviet, trade and public institutions and enterprises was located. Trade union workers at work in their offices. Inscriptions describing the activities of the trade union. Speakers speak at a general meeting of the union. Visitors read books in the reading room of the library of the Moscow Union; watching the play "Page of the Past" in the Central Club of the Union. Drama circle artists on stage. Representatives of the Union are watching the parade of athletes in one of the recreation parks in Moscow. Moments of the work of the editorial staff of the magazine "Moscow employee". Canteen for the unemployed; visitors receive lunch. Buildings of the Union of Soviet Workers in the city of Podolsk, Mozhaisk. Members of the Union at the meeting; talking with a group of Red Army men. A ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Union on October 19, 1924: representatives of various organizations make speeches. Moments of sports competitions, a parade of athletes and pioneers, dedicated to the closing of the summer season of cultural work in the Central Summer Club of the Moscow Gubotdel of the Union of Soviet Trade Workers. Komsomol members and pioneers speak at one of the conferences of the Union. Doctors examine patients at the V. A. Obukhov Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases. A psychologist oversees the work of salespeople in order to provide professional assistance to salespeople. The building and territory of the Rest House of the Union named after I.N. Varlamov in the village. Rumyantsevo, Moscow region. Photo of IN Varlamov - former secretary of the Union of Soviet Workers. Doctors examine vacationers in the rest house. Vacationers walk in the park. Types of the building and the territory of the sanatorium in Feodosia. Vacationers swim in the sea.
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medical services for the population
, trade
, sports
, club type institutions
, printing
, public catering
, spa assistance
, childrens organizations
, educational activities
, youth organizations
, artistic activities
, unions
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Elizarov, E. Lyubimov, A. Solodkov
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Animation Ivanov
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