Awarding Ceremony for the Pilots Normandy

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East Prussia, Friedland, 3rd Belorussian Front, March 25, 1945. Awarding of the French military flight unit "Normandy" in honor of the second anniversary of its formation. The rally dedicated to the second anniversary of the air regiment is attended by the commander of the 1st Air Army, Colonel-General of Aviation T.T. Khryukin, head of the Red Army Air Force (air force of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army), Major General of Aviation S.T. Lewandovich, commander of the 303rd Fighter Aviation Division, which includes the "Normandy", Major General G.N. Zakharov. T.T. Khryukin attaches a government award, the Order of the Red Banner, to the regimental banner; presents the Order of the Red Banner to the pilots: Captains A. Marcel, P. Matras; junior lieutenants J. André, J. Lemaru, F. de Joffrey de Chabrignac; Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class, regiment commander Major L. Delfino; to junior lieutenants P. Deschans, R. Markey, G. Mertizien, M. Perrin. The commander of the French military mission in Moscow, General E. Petit, is presenting the French Orders of the Military Cross to the Russian staff of the Normandy: Chief of Staff of the 303rd Fighter Aviation Division, Colonel P.Ya. Aristov; Lieutenant Colonel Tolstykh, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations of the Regiment, Major M.G. Profateluk, engineer of the repair regiment, senior lieutenant F.R. Ryzhov, senior lieutenant S.F. Yakubov, aircraft armament engineer, senior lieutenant V.A. Krasnikov, aviation mechanic foreman A.P. Averyanov, aviation technician Sergeant A.A. Kapralov and others. Chief of Staff of the Regiment "Normandy" Major I.Ya. Vdovin congratulates pilots J. Lemar, R. Sauvage, J. André on receiving awards. Regiment commander Major L. Delfino presents awards to the Red Army soldiers Bedeshev, Makhovetsky and others. Chief of Staff of the Regiment "Normandy" Major I.Ya. Vdovin congratulates French pilots J. Lemar, R. Sauvage and J. André with awards. Pilot Captain R. Schall is taking a general photograph as a keepsake.
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the second world war
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T. Bunimovich, A. Kairov
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