Blik in Di Welt №14

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Fire on the ship "Monte Rosa" off the coast of Algeria. Turkey, Ankara. Stay of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany A. Adenauer in Ankara: K. Adenauer and his entourage near the palace; state flags of Germany and Turkey over the entrance to the palace; K. Adenauer's daughter Lott near the palace. Monument to M. Kemal Ataturk. View of a power plant built by German specialists in [Turkey]. France. Exhibition "Paris through the eyes of French artists". Visitors in the exhibition hall. Pictures of artists. Visitors leaf through an album with old plans for Paris. France, Cannes. VII International Film Festival. Flags of the countries participating in the film festival. The USSR delegation on the street. Festival participants: M. Maud, G. Alexandrov, K. Luchko, J. Cocteau. Russia. Hunters with dogs track down a lynx in the forest. Germany, Frankfurt am Main. The director of the Frankfurt Zoo with his son at the airport before leaving for Central Africa. Train on the way. Passengers in the compartment. Vacationers on board. The Dolphin boat sails along the river. The girls inflate the rubber boat. Vacationers on the beach. The dentist in the office examines the patient. Dog grooming. Dogs in suits. Playing pins on 20 boards at the same time. Motorcycle racing on ice. Moments of a football meeting between the teams of Germany and the Saar region.
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medical services for the population
, economic communications
, energy
, handball
, cultural connections
, railway transport
, river transport
, sea transport
, natural disasters
, political connections
, westgermany
, cities
, hunting
, air transport
, motorcycle sports
, painting
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