Burnt by the Sun

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Ethiopia. Landscapes: mountains, savannah, river valley, waterfalls. Herd of antelopes; monkeys run across the road. Red, umbrella trees grow. Nomad shepherds graze herds of camels, cows, sheep. Ethiopian village with round dwellings (tukuli). Collecting coffee beans at the plantation. Loading bags of coffee onto an airplane at the airport for export abroad. Construction of an oil refinery near the port of Assad. Bookmark for the construction of Emperor Haile Selassie I. The Chuguev cargo tanker with trucks on board at the port of Assab. Trade in the bazaar. City of Addis Ababa; streets, city transport, buildings of modern architecture, House of Africa. The building of the spinning factory. In the workshop, workers are working at the machines. Students of a technical school work at a carpentry machine, in a chemical laboratory, at agricultural machines. Monastery on the island of Lake Tan. A monk in a monastery reads a prayer. Christian temples of the period of the reign of King Lalibella, carved into the rocks. Ethiopians pray in a modern church. Mosque in the city of Asmara. Muslim women on the streets of Asmara. Harar city. A man sitting by the wall feeds hyenas with meat at night (a sight for tourists). Trade on the streets of the city. Women, men carry luggage on their heads. A woman with a child in her arms walks to the building of a Soviet hospital in Addis Ababa. Patients at a doctor's appointment. Says Tekle Khavariat, who studied in St. Petersburg at the Mikhailovsky Artillery School. Portrait of a French architect working in Ethiopia. The Austrian teacher is working with the students of the art school. Works by the Ethiopian artist Tekli Afework in his studio. University students, who are fully supported by the state, study in the reading room of the library, have breakfast in the university canteen. A line of schoolchildren in the school yard. Students in the classroom. The teacher leads the lesson. Reception in the palace of Emperor Haile Selassie I, hosted on the occasion of the celebration of Ethiopia's Independence Day.
А. Babayan
Film ID
economic communications
, secondary vocational education
, nature
, school education
, livestock
, religion
, christianity
, health care
, higher education
, scientific and cultural links
, state holidays
, islam
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, air transport
, plant growing
, art
Number of Parts
Yu. Aldokhin
Other Creators
Script A. Babayan, A. Gostev, sound B. Kokin, music by M. Partskhaladze
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