Byelorussian SSR

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Educational film about the economic development and natural resources of the Byelorussian SSR. Part 1 Byelorussian SSR. Sunset landscape. Birch grove, bathed in the sun. Storks in the nest. Lakes, islands, swamps, boulders of the Polessye lowland. Boats sailing on the lake. Peat channels in the swamp. Mechanized peat extraction. The peat spreading machine spreads the peat for drying. A steam locomotive goes along a narrow-gauge railway in the forest, delivering peat to power plants. High voltage power plant masts. A girl in the chemical laboratory of a power plant is working on obtaining various chemicals from peat. Forest inhabitants of Belovezhskaya Pushcha: deer, bison, fallow deer, a bird's nest in the grass. Logging. A timber carrier carries logs. Plots with young plantings. Minsk region, the city of Soligorsk, where deposits of potassium salts were discovered. City streets, residential buildings, new buildings. Soligorsk potash plant. Mechanized mining of potash salt in a mine. Grodno region, city of Grodno. Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, where air nitrogen and natural gas are processed into mineral fertilizers. Residential buildings. Hotel building. Vitebsk region, the city of Novopolotsk. The oil refinery is one of the largest in the Soviet Union. Minsk city. Tower on the Railway Station Square. Exhibition pavilion with cars. Monument to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War on the city square of the same name. Residential buildings. City Council building. Palace of Sports. The building of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. The main building of the Polytechnic Institute. The building of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. The building of the opera house on the Paris Commune square. Monument to Yanka Kupala in the park of the same name. Cinema "Partizan" on Tolbukhin Boulevard. Minsk Tractor Works: factory yard, Belarus tractors, loading onto platforms. Dump trucks "MAZ", "BELAZ" produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant. Belarusian goods in demand: radios, Horizont TVs, refrigerators. Part 2 Byelorussian SSR, the city of Gomel. The building of the Gomel plant of agricultural machinery. The main conveyor of the plant; convoy of cars. Town Square. Silhouette V.I. Lenin from flowers in a flower bed. Steamers on the Sozh River. Rye, linseed, potato fields. Vitebsk region, the city of Orsha. The building of the Orsha Flax Mill. Linen products in the "Lyanok" store. Facade of the Bulbyanaya cafe. Types of culinary dishes made from potatoes in a cafe. City of Brest. Station platform. A foreign tourist bus passes the border. Tourists in the Brest Fortress. Minsk Region. Eternal Fire on the site of the village of Khatyn, burned by the Nazis with civilians. Khatyn memorial. Tourists at the sculpture of a man with a dead child in his arms.
R. Dzodzieva
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, nature
, livestock
, higher education
, state trade
, forestry
, population
, plant growing
, museums
, monuments
, state structure
, excursion work
, transport
, exhibitions
, monuments of architecture
, industry
, nature reserves
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
N. Yuzhik
Other Creators
sound engineer K. Bakk, consultant N. Bogatyreva, editor N. Belous, director M. Kiryanova
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