Celebration of May 1 in Petrograd

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1st part. Cavalry, cars with soldiers are passing through the streets of Petrograd. Pedestrians on the street. Place of gathering of soldiers for a demonstration. Gathering of Muslims, the passage of Muslims with the slogan "Self-determination of the nation." Demonstrators with slogans and posters are walking along Nevsky Prospekt, workers of the Skorokhod factory are passing by. Military units and new columns of demonstrators are passing along Nevsky Prospekt. Workers of the Voislava plant are passing by. 2nd part. Columns of demonstrators in Znamenskaya Square and adjacent streets. People on the square in front of the Alexandria Theater at the monument to Catherine. A rally in front of the Alexandria Theater. Muslim demonstrators are walking along Nevsky Prospekt. Columns of demonstrators from the Vulkan factory are walking along Millionnaya Street. Rally at St. Isaac's Cathedral. Demonstrators are passing by the Tavricheskiy Palace with slogans. In the columns of demonstrators, working youth "Patron Plant", students and office boys of the Nobel plant. Other columns are passing by with placards and slogans. 3rd part. Ice drift on the Neva, Poland across the Field of Mars, filled with demonstrators. People in the center of the Field of Mars at the mass grave, near the Trinity Bridge. Cameramen are filming from a truck. A car with people is going by. A rally on the Field of Mars, an orator is speaking, people are near the rostrum of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (b), LB Kamenev is speaking, on the left is VM Molotov. People at the mass grave. Fundraising on the Champ de Mars. Students, soldiers and officers on the Champ de Mars.
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, rsdlp (b)
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