Christ and His Church Nativity

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The film tells about the Nativity of Christ, about solemn services in churches, incl. Christmas service at the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Part 1 G. Kiev. Types of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, external and internal views of the Assumption Cathedral. Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Vladimirsky Cathedral. Representatives of the clergy are preparing festive vestments for the Metropolitan during the Christmas service in the Vladimir Cathedral, conducting a service. Moscow region, Zagorsk. Types of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Icons "Savior Not Made by Hands", "Assistant of Sinners" (Pochaev Lavra), "Lord Almighty", jewelery embossed bindings of the Gospel. Part 2. Moscow. Solemn service at the Epiphany Cathedral. Kiev City. Representatives of the highest clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church on the square of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, surrounded by believers; among them: Metropolitan Philaret of Kiev and Galicia, Metropolitan Sergius of Odessa and Kherson, and others. The priests who led the procession return to the church, climb the pulpit; among them: Metropolitan of Krutitsky and Kolomna Yuvenaly, Metropolitan of Odessa and Kherson Sergius, Metropolitan of Lvov and Ternopil Nikodim, and others. Metropolitan of Kiev and Galician Filaret performs divine services in the Vladimir Cathedral. Christmas service at the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev and Galicia puts on his festive vestments, accompanied by priests and servants, walks through the church, removes the kamilavka, applies himself to the icon [of the Savior, then to the icon of the Mother of God]. The Royal Doors to the altar of one of the temples are opened. The priest in the altar is baptized in front of the icon, kisses the Holy Gospel, walks with him around the altar, performs a ritual with the Gospel. Part 3. Kiev City. Christmas and Easter services in the Vladimir Cathedral, which are conducted by Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev and Galician. Images of the Mother of God (icons, paintings). Photos of cities - Jerusalem, Bethlehem. Picturesque scenes on the themes of the Nativity of Christ (paintings, frescoes, etc.) and the beating of infants during the reign of King Herod. Picturesque images of Jesus Christ in infancy. Part 4. Kiev City. Christmas service in the Vladimir Cathedral, which is conducted by the Metropolitan of Kiev and Galician Filaret.
N. Mashchenko
Film ID
, religion
, christianity
Number of Parts
V. Bass, N. Shabaev, S. Shahbazyan, A. Shumovich
Other Creators
production designer A. Dobrolezha, sound engineer V. Sulimov, editor O. Kamshalova
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