Chronicle of Gomon

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Turkey, Istanbul. Funeral of Patriarch Joachim III of Constantinople on November 17 [18], 1912. Carrying out of the body of the late Patriarch in full vestments on the throne from the building of St. George's Patriarchal Cathedral in Phanar. Priests, top Turkish dignitaries, the diplomatic corps, Russian officers and sailors leave the building of the cathedral. The body of Patriarch Joachim III is carried on the throne from Phanar to Balukhit - the burial place of the ecumenical patriarchs. Funeral procession on the street of the city. A crowd of people stand on both sides of the road along which the funeral procession is moving. Turkish soldiers guard the procession. Mourning flags are flying at half-mast on city buildings. Great Britain, Aldershot. Aviator Colonel Cody's Airplane Hunt: The Colonel and his assistant are sitting in the cockpit of the airplane. Hunters with dogs approach them. The airplane takes off. One of the hunters runs up the hill after the departing airplane. Great Britain, London. International football match: players on the field, the moment of the game near the goalkeeper's goal; in the background - spectator stands. Mexico. Flower festival of the Indians: boats decorated with flowers, a boat decorated with flowers for a steam locomotive float across the reservoir. Flower figure of an Indian. Children and adults among flowers. USA, Texas, El Paso. The excavator works at the construction site of the dam on the river. Rio Grande del Norte.
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