Chronicle of the Civil War

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Astrakhan: Red Army soldiers at the station square, halt. Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Red Army. February 1919: parade, demonstration, formation of sailors in the square, column of teenagers with sticks instead of rifles. Funeral of the victims of the White Guard revolt. March 1919: funeral procession, hearse, carts with wreaths on the streets of the city, funeral meeting, coffins in a mass grave. Members of the staff, leaders of the suppression of the rebellion: member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the republic K. A. Mekhonoshin, member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Eastern Front - Hungarian Kovach, chief of staff Nezhdanov. Mehonoshin gets out of the car, being greeted on the platform. The building of the Beaumond Theater, the Higher Primary School; people, Red Army men in the square. Odessa: meeting the guests of the Red Army. April 1919: Dombrovsky's detachment passes through the station square, street, cavalry passes. The chairman of the Odessa executive committee and a group of military men on the balcony of the Bristol hotel, among them: the commander of the 2nd Ukrainian army - A. Ye. Skachko, the commander of the 3rd Ukrainian army N. A. Khudyakov. Skachko, Khudyakov at the train carriage. Echelon with tanks and boats at the railway station. The commander of the South-Eastern Front V. I. Shorin prances on horseback. Barges, boats at the pier. A column of those mobilized for the Red Army is passing by. People are crowding at the carriage of the Agittrain. A steam locomotive with a blown up boiler. Central Asia: a meeting in the village. Meeting LD Trotsky on the platform of one of the stations.
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