Collective Farm V Vilyuisky

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Men in the forest collect dry branches of trees, send them to a conveyor. The harvester grinds branches into sawdust; sawdust is collected in bags. The tractor is in the forest. Men are throwing branches into the stove; ash from the furnace is poured into a bucket; poured into barrels. Cowshed: milkmaids pour buckets of feed into the cows; chewing cows; a milkmaid milks a cow; women with buckets of milk go out into the street; Milk buckets panorama; thermometers in one of the buckets; milk is poured into cans; a milkmaid is cleaning a bull, cows are standing nearby. The tractor is driving across the field; stops at the cattle paddock; the tractor driver comes out of the cab, dismantles one of the walls of the cattle corral. The tractor brings up the logs, and the haystacks are carried over them into the corral. Collective farmers are installing haystacks in the corral. General view of the construction of a private house. Men prepare logs for construction. Repair shop: men are repairing tractor parts. Animal husbandry: animals in cages; breeders fill up food for the animals; sable in a cage; the face of the breeder; panorama through the cells.
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animal husbandry
, collective farms
, building
, livestock
, forestry
, specialized machine stations
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