Comedy Bariyat

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The film tells about the Kumyk Soviet actress, People's Artist of the USSR, the leading actress of the Dagestan Music and Drama Kumyk Theater named after A.P. Salavatov (Makhachkala) Bariyat Soltan Medzhidovna Muradova. 1 part. Women iron theatrical costumes. The artists are making up, getting ready to go on stage. Scenes from the play with B. Muradova (in Kumyks). The actresses are talking in the dressing room (sinhr.). Young actresses are getting ready to go on stage. B. Muradova tells the girls how they used to treat actresses in the Caucasus - they threw stones at them, forbade them to go on stage (sinhr.). Evening, lights are on in the windows of the theater. Notice board in the theater, announcement of the rehearsal of the creative evening of B. Muradova. B. Muradova at the rehearsal. Chief director of the A.P. Salavatov Kumyk Music and Drama Theater Hamid Rustamov smokes at the table in the auditorium, watches the stage, talks on stage with B. Muradova (sync. In Kumyks.yaz.). Part 2. B. Muradova at the rehearsal. Photos of B. Muradova - scenes from performances of different years. G. Makhachkala, evening, cars go down the street. Spectators at the entrance to the theater. Playbill “Dagestan State Music and Drama Kumyk Theater named after A.P. Salavatov. Evening with People's Artist of the USSR Bariyat Muradova. T. Hajiyev, N. Maksudov, A. Aygumov are participating. The program includes scenes from dramatic and musical performances of Russian and national classics. ”Theater artists talk in the dressing room (sinhr.). B. Muradova in makeup. The presenter on the stage opens the evening, talks about B. Muradova (sinhr. And behind the scenes). The actors are preparing to go on stage, the bell sounds. Scenes from the play (sync. In kumyks.yaz.). Monologue B. Muradova (sync. In Kumyks.yaz.), Applause in the hall. The actors change their clothes during the intermission. B. Muradova enters the stage in a new image. Bows. Trucks are going uphill along the serpentine. The bus travels along a mountain road, in the cabin - theater artists. Actors make up, - B. Muradova. The audience in the hall is smiling, children are laughing. The artists are singing a Kumyk song in the dressing room (sinhr.), B. Muradova is dancing in makeup. The film uses scenes from the performances: "Madame Minister", "Molla Nasreddin", "He returned".
V. Grunin
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road transport
, theatre
, entertainment
, population
, peoples life
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Chon Ning Gu
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