Communist Labor Triumphs

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1h - Moscow. Red Square, queue to the Mausoleum. Rallies of workers at enterprises on the day of the 5th anniversary of the death of V. I. Lenin. The Krasny Vyborzhets plant in Leningrad. Work in the shops of the Kamensk paper mill, the Moscow plant "Dynamo". The signing of a socialist agreement between enterprises. Military exercises in the units of the Red Army. All-Union meeting of shock workers in Moscow, speech by V. Kuibyshev. 2h - Coal mining at the mine. Artyom. The conclusion of a socialist agreement between the mines. Artyom and "October Revolution". Plant "Selmashstroy": work in the shops of the plant. The meeting at the plant named after Karl Marx. Kerch Metallurgical Plant: work in the shops; meeting of workers; presentation of prizes to drummers. 3h - Young workers of enterprises at work. Lumberjacks of Karelia are cutting down the forest. The work of an oil refinery. Oil fields. Foreign chronicle: an aviation parade in one of the foreign countries; police disperse demonstrators; work at enterprises of foreign countries; unemployed at the labor exchange; distribution of food to the unemployed. 4h - Assembly of tractors at one of the factories. A meeting of collective farmers from the Hammer and Sickle collective farm. Processing of fields by tractors. Workers in the classroom to master the technique, work at the machines. Construction of residential buildings; Magnitogorsk and Kuznetsk metallurgical plants.
N. Soloviev, I. Setkina
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military training
, anniversary
, building
, coal
, metallurgical industry
, socialist competition
, forestry
, foreign countries
, mechanical engineering
, agitation and propaganda
, agriculture
, public life
, cities
, oil
, rallies
, pulp and paper industry
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