Confiscation of Church Valuables

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The film tells about the measures for the confiscation of church valuables, intended to save the Volga region population from starvation. The film includes the following filming: a general view of destroyed and deserted settlements in the Volga region, a column of refugees moves along a country road, hungry peasants in a field collect spikelets, sit under awnings on the ground, a small child sits on the ground next to a lying half-dead woman, a horse beats convulsions; views of Moscow, members of the commission for the confiscation of church valuables check the presence of church property collected in the building of the Passionate Monastery with the inventory, examine church utensils, icons in frames, disassemble iconostases, take samples for the presence of gold in frames and church utensils; General view of the warehouse of silver wreaths in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, internal view of the temple, the arrival of members of the commission from Promgol, headed by Vinokurov, authorized by the Central Committee of Promgol, and Bishop Antonin, to the warehouse of Gokhran, where confiscated church valuables are brought; unloading the valuables delivered to the warehouse, the members of the commission check the inventory of church valuables in the warehouse; Gokhran experts select items of artistic value and send them to the Glavmuseum, warehouse workers weigh the values, Gokhran jewelers seize precious stones and pearls from church utensils and vestments, sealing the warehouse doors at the end of the working day, posting a post at the warehouse doors.
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