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The film is dedicated to the development of agriculture in the USSR. The film uses materials from the USSR TsGAKFD (RGAKFD). Altai region. The village of Polkovnikovo. Landscapes of the surroundings: forest, lake. House of the Titov family. SP Titov - a village teacher, the father of the cosmonaut GS Titov talks about the commune "May Morning" (synchronously). G. S. Titov and M. A. Titov at home. G.S. Titov plays the violin. Cowshed and bakery buildings built by the Communards. Portrait of the Communard P. Titov. The text of the letter of V.I. Lenin to Em. Yaroslavsky about V. Yakovenko. Chronicle. People's Commissar of Agriculture V. Yakovenko talks with peasants, signs papers. Sverdlovsk region. The village of Gerasimovka, where Pavlik Morozov lived and was killed. Monument to Pavlik Morozov in Moscow. Moscow city. The building of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. Monument to Academician V.R. Williams. Portraits of Academicians D. N. Pryanishnikov, N. M. Tulaykov, V. R. Williams. Altai region. Collective farm "Country of Soviets". Wheat harvesting. Meeting of the collective farm board. The city of Barnaul. Director of the Institute of Agriculture GA Nalivaiko, agronomist of the educational experimental farm NI Chekinova at work. Students in the classroom. Sowing, grain harvesting. Krasnodar region. Residential buildings of the Kirov collective farm. Breeder P. P. Lukyanenko in the laboratory, field. Stavropol region. Collective farm "Russia". Rural department store. Dining room. Cinema. Kindergarten. Academician-breeder V.S.Ustovoy in the field of sunflowers. Sunflower harvesting. Artavir vegetable oil plant (creamery). The village of Veshenskaya. Secondary school teacher Letnev with students in the school garden. Chairman of the collective farm "Quiet Don" Maksaev, agronomist Zemtsov at work. Milking of cows manually and milking machines "Herringbone" and "Carousel". Leningrad region. State farm Lagolovo. Production processes in poultry farms. Oryol Region. Harvesting and silage of corn. Ryazan city. Regional meeting of agricultural workers. Landscapes of Siberia, Altai, Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol Territories. Forests, fields, flower meadows. Sunrise. Clouds, rain, lightning. (Daytime and evening shooting). Don River. The boat is near the shore. Buoy. Chronicle. Development of virgin lands. 1954 - 1960s. Seeing young people off to the virgin lands. Tent town of virgin lands. Plowing the land, harvesting.
M. Averbach
Film ID
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, collective farms
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, everyday life
, public catering
, preschool education
, landscapes
, agriculture
, collectivization of agriculture
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, cities
, trade
, plant growing
, a family
Number of Parts
M. Kaplan, F. Ovsyannikov, A. Pavlov, K. Stankevich, A. Reisentul
Other Creators
music by R. Kotlyarevsky, script by P. Bakhmutsky, narrator L. Khmara
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