Contemporary Number 20

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The film "Contemporary No. 20" tells about the festival of authors and performers of political songs, which took place in the city of Togliatti. Togliatti city, 1989. Authors and performers of political songs from different cities of the country, foreign students studying in the USSR, get to know each other, argue, study within the framework of the political song festival in Tolyatti. The group "Contrast" from the city of Arzamas performs the song "My friends, how much can you lie" at the festival (sinhr.). Students from Cuba and Germany studying in the USSR perform songs in Russian (sinhr.). The rector of one of the Orthodox churches, Father Nikolai, during a dispute at the festival, talks about the relationship between national culture and religion, about the inadmissibility of insulting any of the nations (sinhr.). Festival participant Yevgeny Tyulpanov, during a discussion with the present clergy, speaks of national hostility, expressed in the call of the Masulans to exterminate the infidels (sinhr.). The radio correspondent speaks about the national issue concerning the Volga Germans currently living in Kazakhstan, about the formalism of the economic, political, social, cultural equality of peoples (sync., Behind the scenes). View of articles in one of the newspapers under the headings "Time for reflection" (by A. Golovkov), "What nationality is the soul", "The secret of minced sausage", "Volgograd, not Stalingrad", "Towards the events in Tbilisi", "Towards events in Nagorno-Karabakh ".
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, international connections
, christianity
, periodic printing
, islam
, artistic activities
, broadcasting
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N. Shumkova, A. Nazarov
Other Creators
Author of the text L. Pahuta, editor O. Robinova, editor G. Cornilina, sound engineer V. Popov
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